November 16th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 16

Wow! A single day update!!

Well the stats button is still stuck. And so is the cute graph. I loved how that line was my nemesis and my word count would jump it - or stay the same - and taunt the gray line to move up, up up! toward 50k, as my little green bar surged ahead...

Opps.. I guess I should not teach descriptive words all day and then write a blog. But it's pissing me off, basically.

I have manually calculated what I (think) wrote today... somewhere about 3k words. Now yes, that's like a freaking lot of words, but I see it as perhaps a sudden break in my otherwise silent musing. Of course, while doing dishes, and avoiding looking at an overwhelmingly white page, my muse did taunt me with an epilogue. Really? REALLY!? I haven't even gotten half way though the BOOK and you are feeding me an EPILOGUE? Can we move to the here and NOW? Get to the action and get my characters moving toward the hidden treasure-y bits... maybe finally have some good fight scenes or something.

I have yet to add this part. Although, I think it would add about 500 or so words to my word count. But I am hungry. So I shall heed my stomach and eat quickly as my muse finishes flushing out the frakin epilogue, and update the word count. *glares at muse*

So, the question of the day is this: anyone else getting signals from the muse (or other wicked thing) about scenes that have nothing to do with the one you are working/struggling with on NOW?