November 17th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 17

Oh ok... so now you are expecting daily updates? It's day 17, do you know where your characters are?

I had a whole entry done, and then figured it wasn't want I wanted to say... I hate that! Wait... can I use it to beef up my word count?!

I am lucky to have some great friends in RL (and you all on here!!) to be in my cheerleading section. Most (in RL) are non-writers, and I am sure just chalk up my gleeful FB posts about my word count as just another oddity, but I also have my family behind me. Most vocal is my mom *waves* who actually reads my blog! EEK! :-D

In addition I have several students who are writers - or at least know the library carries books and checks them out on a regular basis - who come around about once every other day to ask me about my word count. This morning, as one of them said good morning, I said, "I am 29.5K!" Yes. I am that crazy wacky person who talks about word count as if it's like a pet. Of course, considering what my actual pets do, the WC is a pretty good pet.

I've met some of my NaNo locals - although I have been too busy to do a write in - and they are cool. Normal people. And I have trolled the local board, but to have people - real, live, those who know you - tell you they are so proud... *glows* I wish I could bottle it up and save them for the days the well really has gone dry and I am wishing for just a small reason why I keep scratching the paper. For now, cut and paste will do. It helps to know there is someone who cares, even if they are not fully understanding our strange affection to tea and late night jell-o raids. It pushes you through that patch of a day or so of no progress.

So let me be YOUR champion and cheer in your section! We CAN do this! And muse be damned, we WILL reach 50K. Even if it's on December 15! RAH RAH... or is it RA RA (since my setting is in Egypt after all...)

So... question: Who are your champions? Who do you gush to about your secret obsession and then ponce on when they ask "what the heck IS NaNoWriMo?" Or even better, have you talked about NaNo to a complete stranger, only to realize that the tone of your voice should be reserved for when you are showing others the pictures of the kids?

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