November 18th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 18

Today's question is brought to you by the makers of Aleve.

Nothing relieves the stress in your mind, body and soul, like 2 Aleve and some good strong tea, mmmm.

Ok so I haven't had any Aleve, but it is sitting next to me taunting me. Just sayin'.

Well, I am usually the type of writer who goes back and re-reads previous lines/pages/chapters of her own story, to stroke the muse into milking something out. I usually gush over how amazing it is, and then, turning to my muse I have a talk, something like this:

Me: Ok, so that was like, wow. Good. What's next.

Muse: Hell if I know.

Me: Wait... we left the character off at a kinda cliffhanger, and you don't know what's next?

Muse: Ask the character. You seem to be having an affair with them. I mean, they visit you in dreams. Whoooo.

Me: *rolls eyes* Next scene please.

Muse: Na.

Me: Cough it up!

Muse: *cough* fine.

... and we go. It's the stop and start which most likely kills my motivation and momentum. So NaNo lesson to drill in my tiny brain: do not re-read whole chunks of previous work. Read the last lines, and no editing. Do not ask muse, just write, muse will catch up, or send character to help.

Q: How has NaNo made you look at your writing style/way differently? Since most of you have done NaNo before, has your style of writing developed and changed over the corse of NaNo's past?

I'm noticing that my sections (scene cards) have been getting wordier and wordier... I have 4 more to go and just started number 7. I'm not even near the climax, well, maybe the last scene was a bit since it had some action that picked up the pace, but the major climax is still coming. *mind/gutter*