November 26th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 26

So yes, I skipped like... lots. Busy busy!

And today I can officially say I HAVE WON!!! Man for a competition where basically the opponent is you, yourself and that guy in the mirror, winning sure seems cool. And the best part, you have others who think it's cool too!

Did no NaNo(ing) yesterday since it was my birthday - and I was up at 5am and standing in a Black Friday line by 5:30 - but officially hit 50K at 12:10pm today! And at a perfect place too since it was the end of one "scene" and right before my last resolution and ending, oh and the epilogue. So maybe in total I have about 10K more words and I will be finished. Done. No more writing on this .... and start editing like... January. I don't even know if it is good enough for editing. I like parts, and others I know it's padding, fluff, crap, NINJA (without the ninja, just the "need insert thing here" for a few 100 words).... so a bit of distance will be good.

You know what though? I have learned I CAN write by going forward everyday and not spend time back editing. And I CAN write something from the beginning to the end! Two huge things I thought (and did) struggle with the most. But now that the end is in sight, I can do it... and relax along the way.

I think I may just finish that other book I had started back up over the summer. I have it outlined. And I can do 50K in 26 days, so why not kick some serious writing butt and bust it out of my head? Editing is the fun part, right?


Here is to all you WINNERS - if you are still fighting for your 50K, or are still fighting around 20K - YOU WROTE!

And it is good.
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