December 28th, 2011


NaNo(ing) Day: December?!

I'm done! With the first draft!

62,775 words later the novel has come out of me! I should use a birthing metaphor perhaps... but it wasn't as painful as I thought. I know... me finishing a novel, and saying it was painless. Of course I did stop writing *gasp* for several weeks - RL work.

So, now, I am on the prowl to see if any of my friends would like to beta - ok really a first run though of "is this worth saving?" - my little ditty. I have it in pdf format and it is only about... maybe... 318 pages. I really wanted to print it out and have a physical copy so I could edit (I love pen and ink and paper...mmmmmmmmmm) but Kinko's wanted me to pay like $200 for one copy. *cough*

So on my Kindle it goes... And now I am breaking out the writing guide books and redying myself for the great revising marathons I am sure to have... I did figure out that Scrivener has a text-to-speech button, so I can listen to it out loud as I read it on the page. It's good to listen to your work since if you miss something, it will be obvious - of course it will not help in the spelling, but that's why you have eyes!!

So... slowly closing 2011 and I may have written a book! WEEEE!!
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..: Redesign Time :..

So I have a private LJ now for my fic. And after staring at the oldness of it all, although it was beautiful on it's own, it just didn't suit the newness ...

I have redesigned! doxy_fics is newly colored, and has a shiny banner. Ok you can hate on it. I didn't pour over it for days and agonized over picture vs text placement... it's simple. It gets the job done.

So ... now I guess I need to update it since the old content was swept away and left me with a date of 2009... eeks. Looks like I have some fic to revisit and write!!