January 2nd, 2012


Being so very ficcy...

Updates! Updates!!

So I noticed I guess I am not officially registered over at songfic50 anymore, but I still have the writing table, and lookie, I found some of my song fics already written... so I figure I'd be super nice, and update the fic table, thus, letting my brain know we have posted the fic...

It makes sense to me.

So... Here is the list of the newly updated fics:

Gwen/Rhys: Foundations: a short ficlet where Gwen thinks of how "loving" Rhys is and how understanding he is about her job. PG.

Gwen/Jack: Almost Lovers: Gwen is told by Jack to let him go. After all, she has Rhys, and that makes her complete, right? PG.

Jack/Ianto: Walk this Way: friendship/fluffy piece where Ianto is listening to some music on his way to work. PG.

Beth: In Your Arms: Beth just needed to relax. PG

The Cleaner: Another One Bites the Dust: The Cleaner does not mind being called. She protects humans from Vampires, one bloody scene at a time. PG

Josef/Sarah: You Put a Spell On Me: Spoilers for ep 10: Sleeping Beauty. A song reminds Josef he was romantic, once. Like a few decades past. PG.

Ok there are others, but I will be doing those later...