March 7th, 2012


Spring Break - Almost!!

I am so glad that next week is Spring Break. I get a week off from my awesome kiddos, and if I am super lucky, a few days extra! I kind of love this subbing gig! But on the flip side, I am soooooo ready for a permanent class I can call my own.

I already have my clothes packed, just a few more things to add, and it can be thrown into the car on Friday. I am working on Friday, so I will be picking up the Girls after school, and making my way up to Big-D!

As far my new skinny me, I am LOVING that I am looking kick ass!! I have 2 bags full of jeans and pants that I can't fit into anymore - several are my mom's, so she will have some "new" pants too. Hehe. So now, I only have 4 pairs of pants - 2 work, 2 jeans - that fit. Woot, shopping!!!

So I am really happy, and now I am in the next phase, to slowly reintroduce food into my diet. Tonight I had PASTA for the first time in .... at least since October. And it was divine. I can even have cereal - so ya baby, I'm having some flaky goodness in the morning and some scrambled eggs. Have to up my protein intake I found out. So have to get used to bigger portions and more food over the day. :-D No more "starving" moments during the day....

Love ya'll!!!