January 11th, 2015


Teaching, Grad class, and maybe 1lb lost...

So last week was the first week back to teaching after winter break. It was an odd week since I was only in the classroom for 3 days. Two days I was on campus but was a teacher-leader for "Challenge Day" - http://www.challengeday.org/ - for the second year. It's more draining than the worst day of school, but so worth it! When I got back to the classroom I felt I had the strength to tackle a problem I had let built up in me and the classroom - the utter lack of respect I felt from most of my classrooms. I smacked them with it on Thursday and Friday seemed a bit better. We shall see how tomorrow and the days after will go.

Friday my second grad class opened - and very appropriately it is Classroom Management. The hardest thing a teacher sometimes has to manage. I started reading the first of 2 chapters for this week and I am reading just the basics right now and part of me feels kind of defeated. I have taught for 6 years, subbed for 2 on top of that, and still I am beating myself up for not seeing the basics. Well, I am not all bad, and I am doing a lot of the good, just the fact that my class is not my dream classes is what is getting me down at the moment. I hope this course will really kick the intellectual fire and give me tools I can use. So far, even so I am down(ish) I know I can improve and WILL IMPROVE. I sat down and put the timer on for 1.5 hours (this is my break and than maybe an ep of Bomb Girls) and still have half of chapter 2 to do, and two articles. Last night I wrote down the first 3 Units in my planner and went to bed with a daily and weekly plan. I hope to get a lot done on Sundays, take about 3 hours or more (split between morning and afternoon) and after school - it worked well last semester. I also have observations I need to schedule for U4 so I hope to get those scheduled this week. There are at least 2 discussions that I need to do each week, and have to upload them to my "vault" but I am having problems accessing it so I may have to contact tech for that...

In the weight-loss category, I *think* I lost a pound. I kept getting different numbers so I moved the scale to my kitchen and still got another number. So for the record, 1/11 is 140.0 - that way it is written (for the world to see and so I can keep track of the number). I have not eaten anything too high in carbs over the last week and battled the "why not eat cake" moment. I had greek yogurt this morning. I eat 2 scrambled eggs every morning, drink 1/2 to 1 cup of tea (depends on if I remember it is right there), have a snack of protein bar or handful of nuts during my conference period, yogurt for lunch, maybe a protein bar or drink mid afternoon, chicken and protein shake, or just one or the other for dinner. I am not motivated to workout. *ducks* never have been. This will be week 3 of protein only, and I am hoping for some tangible proof that I am loosing. The weekly scale is ok, but I'd like the spare tires to start deflating slowly. But not too slowly, but I know it will be slowly... :(

Also if it's going to be cold, than can we have some snow - on the weekends? Because I like my days off in Spring semester, there are already too few. February can't come fast enough either since the first weekend I am heading back to Dallas for Dallas Comic Con - Fan Days. And Stephen Amell and John Barrowman will be there.... *diezzzzz*