January 25th, 2015


Day 25....

And the scale says 136.0.... not sure if I believe it. I don't think my flabby belly is as flabby, and my pants seem to be a bit looser. I moved the scale off the bathmat it usually is on, and put it on my floor, and suddently I gained 6lbs. On carpet I am 96 lbs. :) SOOOOOOOOOO not true. I will stick to the 135 because it's on the most consistant place I am always weigh myself.

On the Masters degree front, I'm in week 3, and omg.... I feel like a right failure with half my classroom management! I want to cry when I read the book, but when I do my reflective posts, I can be a bit more realistic. I am not horrid, just needing help. And I am going to try to change some of my ways... it is hard to break habits.

School is going well. I am currently enjoying teaching persuasion in a new way - different than from how I did it in Speech. At the end of March the students will be taking their state test.

I finished a quilt for one of my students - a "Fault in our Stars" quilt. He loved it, and now I am moving to making baby things - mainly burpers. My friend's daughter is pregnent and I am having fun squeezing time in to make some cute burpers. I'll post when I have them done - I am making one as a rainbow, and one in as a Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtle. I will do a few more - I cut one to do a cheveron pattern, but I am having a hard time figuring it out as a small pattern... so I may end up making it into a small blanket. Any further suggestions for designs? I need to figure out a few more... her pattern is animals, and green and brown, the original was TMNT, but now is monkeys? Or animlas in general... But since it's burpers, mostly I am thinking good solid patterns and some applique/stitches.

Alrightly... so back to my making of burpers.