February 15th, 2015


Day 46

Sorry for the lack of updates... and the lack of lbs lost. I'm down to 132.4 - not really where I wanted to be so far in. But it's about a solid 10lbs, somedays the scale goes down a bit more to 130, but this morning that is what it read.

Teaching is going well. We are winding down our Persuasion Unit this week by analyzing the film "The Day Earth Stood Still" for the tactics it uses to persuade. I'm looking forward to a short - 4 days! -  week but that also presents other problems like "why isn't it FRIDAY yet," and "it so doesn't feel like a Tuesday - it's Monday in disguise." But we shall prevail! Or die. Only a few more weeks and then it's Spring Break.

Speaking of... Spring Break is traditionally when I go in for my spring hair cut. I usually get it all short and rocker chick style, and come back for the last half of the semester ready to throw down... the 0s. But having long hair - shoulder length is long for me at the moment - is kind of (no pun intended) growing on me. I put up my hair in loose buns and the students thought they were nice. It's not as much as a pain as I remember. We shall see.

Grad class also finishes up the week of Spring Break, so I will not be totally school free. This class is stressful in some ways, but really helpful. It's classroom management and I am alternating between how bad I must be as a teacher, and how I am really doing something right. I like that there are tips I can actually see myself striding toward, and now have some ideas and tools to improve my class next year. I spoke to my councilor at the school and he was saying that there is an alternative program I can take over the summer that has much more flexible terms - basically a 3 month class and all you have to do is do the work. No weekly deadlines! So I may be able to stay on track and do my vacations and see my family and friends AND be stress free(ish)... I'll decide which class I want to do when it comes closer to the summer. My next class after this current quarter lasts until mid-June.

Hmm.... I think that's pretty much it.