March 1st, 2015


Day 60 of my captivity...

so here is a pic from 2 days ago - and for the past few days it's been in the 129s!!! I'm free from the 130s! It's nice to both see the scale AND my body changing. It's a habit to see if the fat rings are a bit less fat. We all do it, no judging.

On with other updates: spring break is in 2 weeks! I am ahead by a week or so in grad class! Next week my students will be more or less working independently!

My spring break project is in the mail - NOT that I needed to get this, mind you, but it's Amy Butler...- I ordered fabric to make a summer/ prom dress. Amy Butler is a fabric designer, by the way. I found some cute ideas that are simple dresses on Pinterst, but of course I want to kick it up - so it's a simple dress made from a pattern from a t-shirt that fits, basically extend it to the tenth you want, slanting it out, and boom, dress. I make it complicated because I'll use 2 fabrics and want the bottom to be very full, so a hyper wise A-line essentially. I hope I ordered enough fabric - or I'll just put panels in it.

In the meantime, I am making more baby burpers, and my project!saturday from yesterday yeilded half a quilt.
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This morning I made the next 2 panels, so only one more to go - but my sewing machine devised to get an attitude and mess up the tension, so I worked on grad work - which I'm taking a break from.

Later I need to run to stck up for the next 2 weeks of food - yogurt is a main staple in my diet. And eggs. And chicken.

Omg will my neighbors turn off the bass on their techno music! My desk is in the living room and all I hear is club music!! Ok - back to study I go, just a few more pages and then fix the sewing machine and quilt in my happy place. Oh and grocery shop. Hmm priorities.