May 2nd, 2015


Month 5. The closet is shrinking.

So yesterday was officially the start of the fifth month of this weight loss and lifestyle turn around. I started at 144 around January 1, today I am 122.8. WOW. just ... wow. My goal is 119. I have been circling that 124/123lbs for a few weeks, and it's been really hard since I so hoped to get back to small bits of yummy indulgence - like muffins. Or pasta. Or ... insert something really carby and starchy.

Life is really... really... busy. I am kind of hitting a patch in this Grade class - one assignment done, only five more to go... BUT the next few are all about how using data will help me formulate an action plan, and those who know me, know I teach English, read and write because math is not my friend. I can desegregate data, but it's not the fun, highlight of my day. And waiting for the said "fun" data is not exactly my strong suite either - I want it now so I can get it done and over... alas I am waiting.

In addition to Grad class, and teaching full time, I have two extra students who are homebound - meaning these students have something that is wrong and they cannot come to school (illnesses, severely broken bones...), and I have to go after school to tutor them. Not too bad since I can work on Grad class while they work on real class, and we are all happy - it's just a long day all around. Today I am meeting with my new student – just got him on Wednesday. Saturday is the easiest for them…  make them all happy!

So needless to say, I am kind of tired all the time, and have been vegging when I am home. However, the paychecks should make up for this. I did buy an Amazon Fire HD 7” reader tablet tho…. Nice present to myself (and it was on sale). I need to make a case to house it and the wireless keyboard I also got (that one at Walmart – it was only $20 vs $50 off of Amazon…), and rehem my skirt so I can wear it minus the hooker heels. Also now that I am down a size, most of my pants don’t fit, so I broke out the smaller sized pair of gray slacks I had bought when I bought the bigger ones – because now the bigger ones can slide off J SOOOO EXCITING!! However, this means hemming and sewing, so I think I will do that when I get home from todays meeting…. Speaking of, I guess I better go, I’m meeting at their house at 10.

Off I go... the new skinnier version. Oh this years Dallas Comic Con I can fit into the cute shirts and not be self concious - that has been the best reward in this journey. And the fact that I soon can have a Panara Bread blueberry muffin.... not that I have thought about it too often.