May 25th, 2015



Let me say, this has been a long and drawn out journey - as much weight losses are - but I was super busy this time. Last time I did this and lost 30lbs (145 - 115) I was a substitute, looking for a job. It was stressful, but I could retreat to my own home and not be surrounded by the "bad" food I had cut out.

But today, the scale said I have finally gotten to my new goal -

So many times there have been moments when I have wanted to just say 121, or 122 as my goal to have an excuse to just eat a muffin, or something others are having. Everyone has really understood my lack of eating carbs - and I quietly eat my protein bars, Greek yogurt, and drink my protein drinks. Oh I eat chicken and lightly breaded stuff too. This semester has been tough - DCC in February came with me looking at the yummy baked goodies and me eating chicken; Prom not being able to eat anything but salad; and all the UIL competitions where I snuck donuts to my kids. And not to mention my two afterschool homebound students where I had to make sure I brought stuff.

I know it's not different than anyone else who has special eating requirements, but this is a lonely part of being the only one who is doing it. And so many are like "oh only to have your motivation" - I got to the point where there were no more excuses. I would be 145+ by now if not 150. NOT HEALTHY for me. I'm 4'7" - have an athletic/slender build and the weight was all in my back, butt, stomach and bust. And my thighs! Oh my... Not beach body by any standard. Speaking of which, I am fairly sure the suit I bought last year will not fit...

This summer is still busy (I laugh at anyone who says "Teachers get summers off" - some do... but not 100% of it like our students), I am doing graduation (so many of my kids are moving on!!), teaching summer school, going to a conference at the end of June, for 3 weeks am over seas with my family, and when I come back, I have a week before in-service starts and the new school year begins - let's not even think about I may have to move rooms (who knows, I hope to get something about this next week when school ends). My big goal is to do my intense daily workouts I used to do - I haven't done them because of so many other things in my life. But I want to gain my muscles back, and firm up - not loose more necessarily, just firm up so I can enjoy putting carbs back into my life.

My goal to reintegrate carbs: ONE thing/meal a week will be carbs. This week will be Dallas Comic Con - and this will be my big treat - I can have ONE goody during the weekend and celebrate it without my brain feeling I should not even be looking at it. The hardest thing... figuring out what that ONE thing will be!! But omg guys, I can have one!!!