July 16th, 2015


First day in Germany!

First day for me has been okay. I slept through the night, going to bed around 10:30 p.m. yesterday, after a really looooooong delay in NewYork - likea 5 hour layover was turned into almost 10.

So let's start there...

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So we arrived in Frankfurt at 2 something p.m., Wednesday... really late!! My Aunt Gisi was a great sight to see! And we drove to Speyer, all of us really tired. Lovely dinner of spagetti and meat sauce - not a fancy "German" food - we don't really all eat saurkraut and meat! Mom and Dad went to bed about 8:30, and my aunt and uncle showed me the photos from my cousin's wedding - two of my cousins got married 2 years ago, three months apart, and only Mom was able to go to the second one. So it was 10:30 by the time I wen to sleepp - I played a few games on the Kindle, but nothing more without  WiFi (which I got now, obviously).

Thurday: Wokeup about 6:15, and ventured downstairs about 6:45. My aunt came down and was surprised to see me. We found evidence my parents had been up in the middle of the night, so we figured they would be asleep for a while still. We sat in the back garden and talked and then I ate a bit as she went to the bakary. I wish I could get smell on the internet because nothing is the same as a German bakary. She got rolls of different kinds - and pretzels!! OOOOGHHH....it's like the most delicious fresh bread smell as it comes out of the oven and all youcan do is sit and drool. It was about10 and my parents were still not up so we set up the food back in the garden - a favored place since there is no AC in the houses - somthing so odd from the American perspective, but it's not 13913141451703771 degrees here. We left that in Texas, well actually the weather app says it's 91*F, 33*C ... eck.

Anyhow, parents made an appearence, and we ate brunch. Mom and I took a brief nap since I'm not feeling great - wacky body. Up in time for tea and cake - 2:30 - and my parents left with my aunt (who is a local artist) and uncle (who is a doctor and has his own practice, so kind of has his own hours) to vist a visiting artist student from China who does not speak German nor English - but has a translator thing I guess - so I stayed behind rest.

Sipping my tea, and charging my Kindle... so glad to to have technology that allows me to do such things as update!! My phone has no service, so basically it's reduced to a WiFi detector!! Hey, it works. In a week and half Mom, Dad, Gisi, and I, are traveling to London and I can see Sam and Em!!