November 6th, 2015


NaNo... the tradition continues!

Year 5 y'all!! This is the toughest month to do a writing thing in - Grad class starts mid October, so November is a bulky, assignment loaded month, Thanksgiving weekend, random days off (ok, one, Veteran's Day), and usually the students are climbing the walls because Christmas break is so close. Or we teachers are banging our heads because we still have ... so many weeks to go.

BUT, I am NaNoing, and I got my new batch of a handful of students on board again this year. I have several teachers and former students - they graduated, but they are still my kids... and my students. And forever and ever... And they all love and hate me. *insert evil laugh*

So far, day 6, I have 10,989. I am so tired right now. I have spent a few 12+ hours at the school, and two really long and boring days of inservice this week. I question if I will wake up in time to do the Color Run tomorrow... and I am meeting with another writer from my area in the afternoon. It's 10:13, so maybe that's why I am carving sleep and coffee at the same time...

Also, back being a paid member. Credit card lapsed, and LJ sent me a "hey, you are now a regular person user" and I was like "aw hellllllll na!" So I paid my $30 a year and am all good - may even have extra space for more icons. I don't know, I just clicked to add 80 more user pics. Like I don't just use the same ones over and over...