May 24th, 2016


almost... summer....

Oh gosh this year has gone by quick and slow in someways!! Isn't that always the way it is.

Anyhow... a report!

I am finishing my 7th year teaching (at the high school level, not including the almost 2 years I paid my dues at the elementary school - so 8.5ish years), and will be coming back for my 5th year. Been rough having to start a new team of students in my Newspaper class, teaching Freshman English for the first time, and sliding through my second year of my Masters (with a 4.0, thankyouverymuch).

Over the summer I am teaching Advancement Speech (for students who need to take/get credits, but don't want to take it over the year), and start my third, and last, year in grad class, as well as possibly move classrooms. Not sure about the last one, but we have 4+ teachers leaving, so it's a good possibility... Anyway.

Next week will be my 3rd Conaversary - been volunteering at Dallas Comic Con for 3 years now!! WHOOT!!! It will be a blast - just waiting on my position. After, my friends and I will crash my parents house for a night and head back home to get ready for summer school. My parents are going to Germany the last week of Aug to September. tiah15 is coming in October, and I get to hang out and show her San Antonio! Riverwalk baby!!!

Other than that, I'm alive, my students are alive, my kitties are alive.... and ya. Life is good.