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Little Strapie Number; Prompt. 14; Sam/Daniel

Title: Little Strapie Number
Characters: Sam/Daniel
Prompt: 14. Green
Word Count: 480
Rating: R, implied sex
Summary: Daniel picks up something that would make everyone else envious.

written for the stargatefic100

Daniel paused as he followed his wife through the clothing department; some little strapie number that should only be worn by women who intended to sleep with the man who saw her in it, caught his eye.

He looked back at his wife, who was kneeling down and adjusting the shoe of one of their twins. He looked back at the clothing and made his way to the shelf. He carefully looked at the size and walked it over to the check out counter. The young lady, perhaps just beginning her college career, eyed him.

"It's for my wife."

"I see," she replied, her eyes twinkling.

Daniel paid the bill, taking a moment to flash his wedding band at her incase she thought it was for some other person, and took the bag. He caught up with Sam as she was picking up Mel; Jacob was grabbing air as he silently protested.

"Come here buddy," Daniel said, sweeping Jacob into his arms. He turned and flashed his wife a smile and she looked at the bag he held in his free hand. "Just something I think you will like."

- - -

Daniel pulled Sam close as she walked out of the bathroom, slipping his fingers up her back between the silky soft fabric and her bare skin. "What would people think if you came to work with that on?"

Sam kissed Daniel's neck. "That I had started taking fashion tips from Vala, I'm sure. Ether that or we are working on baby number three."

"They would be envious."

Sam looked at her husband and rested her hands over his chest. "Oh? Of what?"

"That I get to see you in sexy," he hooked a finger through one of the straps and tugged it off her shoulder, kissing her shoulder blade. "Clothing fit only," he did the same to the other strap and shoulder. "For the intense pleasure of intimate moments," he slid a hand over her now bare breast. "Quite like these." He captured her mouth as she slid her arms around his neck, exposing her other breast.

- - -

Sam pulled the clothing out of the hamper that weekend, wondering if she could make Daniel wash his and the boys clothing after playing outside all day. Filling the washer, she pulled the last shirt out of the tangle of pants and panties that seemed to have mashed into one. She smiled as she looked at it.

The familiar flush of heat rose as she fingered the lace on the bottom hem and the skinny spaghetti straps that hadn't clung to her skin for very long. The delicate bow on the front accented the feminine top. She placed it into the washer, letting the warm liquid drink up the green camisole, thinking about how wonderful it would feel that evening as she wore it for her husband again.
Tags: daniel, fic, sam, stargatefic100

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