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Found a new Meme!!! Via moonshayde

I got this off of crystal_lilly - there is a crazy long list there!!! Never be lonely again!!


With the 3rd season finale of Atlantis aired and the 10th season of SG-1 on it's way I realized I really needed more Stargate fans on my flist to squee with about these two awesome shows. So I'm spreading the love!

* Comment!
* Reply to the comments of people you're friending so they'll know to friend you right back. :D

Just copy and paste this:

SGA or SG-1?
Favorite characters?
Favorite ships?
Other fandoms/ships/etc..?
What's in your journal?
Anything Else:

This wouldn't work if you don't PIMP! So PIMP until you can PIMP no more! :D
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