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Highs and Lows, and stuff

Well I have wanted to start doing my highs and lows for the past week on here for a while. When I lived in Dallas a bunch of us girls would get together and do a Bible study and share our highs and lows from the previous week... so here goes:

My Highs:
1. I woke up every morning and got to work on time. This week has felt like my brain is stuck in some other 'verse. I don't know if it has to do with the fact I am staying up until 11:30 or later every night because I am just not tired or what. I know my body is here at work, just sometimes my mind takes a bit to join in.

2. Isis is feeling better!! Ok I know it's a small thing, but I am very glad that my kitty is doing better. She was spayed and de-clawed last week and was very sore for most of this week, but seems to be improving. Sadly she is also discovering her love of dragging my stuffed animals around the house and bitting me again. *sigh*

3. My mom is doing well!!!!!! For the past, oh I don't know, 2 weeks, Mom has been going to a few docs to see what's wrong with her. Thankfully she has seen almost all of them and they have said that she is actually ok. She is still allergic to milk, but is not allergic to gluten (or anything that has wheat in it) and that the diet of gluten-free products for the past year or so has actually helped slow what ever IS wrong with her. We are waiting on one more doc appointment and then see what Mom has to deal with. But she said she is slowly re-introducing the wheat back into her life... I know she is so glad to have real bread back!!!

And the lows:
1. My friend's dad has cancer again. Tammy's dad has been fighting brain cancer and neck cancer for about a year or so. Maybe less. He went in for his second round of surgeries last week. They once more got all of his brain tumor, but only 90% of his neck. Last I heard the docs said they couldn't do anymore on his neck because it is wrapped around an artery.

2. Dad's job maybe moving to South America. Dad will know by the end of this month if he has to look for a new job. It's just so hard to have to think that in his 50s he has more experiance then these kids who he will be competing for jobs with, but businesses will hire kids because they can pay them less. It's just hard all around since my dad is the sole bread-winner in our family. Well minus me on my own, and my brother's job... which brings me to...

3. A small high and low combo. Brian (my brother) quit his job of 3 years!! He has put his heart and time into the place that has taken full advantage of him. Brian is sacrificing (in my eyes) his college career (he only is taking 2 classes a semester) for pouring his time into this stupid job that doesn't honor his trying to get an education. They call at 3a.m. b/c he is/was the night baker at a bagel place in Dallas. They ask him to work extra long hours, cutting into his study time, despite the fact he tells them he needs to study. I'm glad he finally did something and can look for a job in the field he wants to get his degree in - psychology. I shutter to imagine my brother doing that... but hey, I'm *just* the big sister.

And in other news... the movie Infamous will be coming out on Feb. 13. Now normally I would not be so dang giddy about it, but this movie features the courthouse and around our small, humble town of Marlin, TX. Sadly it was filmed way before I came to work at the paper, otherwise I would be all over that. It stars Sandra Bullock (a Texan by way of owning a ranch in Austin) and some other people. The main thing to remember is it features the courthouse of Falls Co. and I think some of the town of Marlin. I did manage to find one of my friends who tracked down one of the owners of one of the local movie rental places (for a small town, we have 2 movie rental places in other words, see? brain no work-y) and pulled some strings and now my friends are sitting in the courthouse watching it... while I am here at work because the pile of work has become, well, a pile. BLAH! So I am going to see if I can't watch it after work.

That was a long paragraph, I apologize.

Soooo.... ya. Just more random stuff about me... ok... ya.

- The End -
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