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Dad's Job

Ok, well I think I have mentioned/complained/ranted and some form there of, about my Dad's job... if not, well... be lucky you all get the results!

So Mom called me during lunch to give me the heads up before I got to work and found this email from my Dad saying he just learned his whole division was terminated. As the way it goes, he has the job until Sept. and then he is gone. But they are giving him a nice "termination package," so maybe that lessens the blow? "Thanks for your service, now work some more and, oh ya, we will give you extra money too on the way out the door."

Soooo... Dad is having to decide if he wants to just look for a job and take it ASAP, to hell with the package, or stick it out and hope he finds something that will start sometime after the company lets him go. I am thinking he will take choice number 1.

So ya, das ist Scheisse!!
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