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It's been awhile...

So there have been a few changes around the office as of late and so I figure it would be a nice break from the madness to just sit her, sip my coffee and chat with you fine folks. Feel free to get a refill or a scone or a cookie anytime.

So ya. Icons. Been making a few, had a request yesterday from Emma (starbuck1980) and so I pecked around and did a few. They are:


And while I was all in the CSI mood, I switched to NY and did these:


I'm actually not to fond of the "smile" one... so I may re-do it... but there ya go. So feel free to take, like, hate, comments are love. Credit is always welcomed. Ya. Made several SG-1s too.. I think they were the batch that were entered late, don't remember if i posted them, but you can find them under the cut in case they have been posted:


So on to my work news. I have a new boss. He is really nice, and lives and breaths sports. He is a bit too anal for my taste, but I have worked with all types, including the Bitch From Hell, so I suppose I can stand anything since that damnedable retail job. Um... It'll be interesting. I don't want to think about how much more experience he has (and is only like 2yrs older then me) nor how he is writing this long article that will most likely put mine to shame... And I am not going to think about how possibly this could not work out in my favor and he could be ending up getting my job. Even so he is my boss and seems nice. After all he is sitting in front of the comp that I was suppose to get.... *shoots a small glare at him*

Um... and in other news, my muse is messing around in other areas. I don't know what. I don't know if i want to know, ya know? Oh and I ripped a fingernail clean off this morning while changing the water cooler. OW! So now I guess I don't have to worry if i rip off the other nails in my frustration and race toward my weekly deadline... it will simply look like the other one. *sob* It's hard after growing up bitting your nails to let them grow out and I am always excited about them being longer... yes another weird quirk. And I am making quick work of my other nail as we speak... type, er read... shall we move on?

Um had great conversations with Kalle, Rottie and Emma yesterday. Actually went to a really interesting meeting last night regarding the Main Street Program. If there is one in your area (and I think it's across the US) I encourage you to look it up and donate some time to it. It's all about preserving the past through the historical buildings that are in your area. I did my internship with the Main Street in Huntsville, TX, and so when I found out that Marlin was a Main Street Project town, I was extatic! Plus the Manager here is awesome, I love talking to her. She actually recommended this awesome book on architecture and design. Found it on Amazon for about $40... but ya, no money this month for spluges... still recovering from my laptop. But architecture is near to my heart so it's awesome to find others who are so passionate about preserving the yesteryears and the charm of our downtowns.

Ok.. I think that's it for now... I am sure there will be some other things popping up in my brain (ya'll know me, RANDOM as all get-out at moments)... hope to see ya online, or what not... till later, don't worry about the crumbs.... just rinse your mug and place it right here, it'll be waiting for ya next time!

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