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Well I am still lmao from this morning. I had like 5min to spare at home so I flipped on the TV, grabbed my yogurt and enjoyed a quick breakfast. I had MTV on from the last time I watched TV at my house... I think last week sometime, so I rocked out to the music vid, fell in love with another vid - I think some British girl by her accent (gah I love accents!) and it was about her getting revenge on her boyfriend for cheating... very funny called "Smile" I think, missed the artist *frown* - and then a commercial break.

I was going to click it off and head out the door but then the famous Mac vs. PC commercial came on!! OOOOHHHHH My gah!!! It was "updated" so now PC has Vista and every move has to be "Cancel or Allow"... In the end, Security feature says: "Your coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow." And PC, hanging his head, mutters "Allow." You can see it by Clicking here and choose "Security"... Actually any of the ads are funny (imho) and NOT just because I am a Mac user... they are really well done! Now that's something that makes me want to do advertising again.

So.... I forgot to do my "highs and lows" last week, so here is a run down:

* It was four of my good friend's b-days last week: Jess, JoKathryn, Betty and Tammy. If we all lived in the same place it would have been a PAR-TY. But alas, only Tammy lives near by and we ended up going to Waco to eat with her parents and then we came back to town and did a stake out people watched. It was a fun weekend. Slept almost all day on Sat. We also went to Tanner's b-party (he turned the big 6 yesterday)... was up working on some edtiting and iconning on Sun.

* I got to chat with some of you, my friends from around the globe. Emma - Always awesome to chat hon. You make me laugh. Rottie - LOL I love your spunk and personality! Kalle - Thanks for helping me with yet another comp crisis and sharing the love for the oldie music - Boogie ON!

Lows: (warning, there are a lot)
* Last Monday I killed my work comp. I have no clue what happened, but a semi high is that getting me a NEW comp is sped up. I also have my personal desktop at work, but am fed up with how slow it is.

* A family friend (and fellow fire fighter) daughter has been diagnosed with Mono. She is like 3. Her mom is staying at home with her, and we all are worried. Almost all of us have been around her, and although it's not contagious by touch, we all did get the famous Emmy kisses and hugs.

* Opa had a close call, mom said. She talked to her sister who said that some lady followed Opa to his house and tried to get in. The bad part was that there was a man who was hiding on the stairs. But Opa shut the door and called one of my mom's sisters and now has an alarm system in his house. I'm glad. I lost Oma in 2003 and Opa has been doing fairly well on his own. It helps that his two daughters who live in Germany still are close by. I know mom is itching to go, but can't at the moment.

* Money issues! Gah! I paid my bills yesterday and I don't want to think that I spent a bit over $2,000 yesterday alone on them. *headdesk* Ok so it was my credit card, my telephone/internet, electric, rent, and DishNetwork.... but still!! Of course my credit card made up for the most of it. So it is highly unlikely to be that high in the near future. However, I did have to dip into my "emergency fund" so now I have to be extra careful. I hate being poor. I hate being paid barely over the poverty line. *sigh* But now it's done... will not have to pay another set of bills until after the 15th.

Ok... well I think I shall stop whining and check the rest of the internet. I so need to work on some fic. I feel MUSE getting angsty... must feed muse.

Ta Ta!
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