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Last Thing We Do; 05 Lasts; Sam/Daniel

Last Thing We Do
Pair: Sam/Daniel
Rating: G
Prompt: 05: Lasts
Word Count: 645
Spoilers: S10, after Momento Mori
Summery: Sam and Daniel finish a date and realize the last thing they do is the one worth doing everyday.

“I had a good time,” Daniel said, wrapping his arm around Sam as they walked slowly up to her porch.

“Much better then Vala’s date?”

Daniel blushed as Sam teasingly brought up his botched attempt at making the newest member of SG-1 at ease. He turned to see her sparkling blue eyes turned in his direction, waiting for an answer. “Oh I guess. I mean there is no comparison,” he paused, letting the rest of the sentence linger until Sam swatted him on the arm to continue. “I assume you are a much better kisser.”

Sam’s sudden giggles masked his blushing cheeks. Why had he said the first thing on his mind? Why didn’t he try harder to suppress it? Sam leaned her head on his shoulder as they continued and walked up the short stairs to her porch. “You seem to assume you will get a chance to compare.”

“A guy could hope, I suppose,” he muttered, letting a playful smile grace his lips.

All evening the banter had been light, like it had been when they would share coffee late at night in the SGC. Lately though, Daniel’s efforts had been focused on making Vala welcome, and then show her that she did not need to be his shadow all the time. The times when he did have a few moments to spare to be by himself, Sam usually would be out of her office, working on her own departmental problems. The fact that after he had shoved Vala out the door, only for her to return a few moments later, had dampened the efforts to even talk to Sam alone.

Sam turned away, picking through her purse to pull her keys out. “Well you want some coffee and cake? Or are you still full?”

“I never turn down coffee and cake with you Sam. I could have eaten an elephant and I would still come over to have some coffee and cake.”

“Hmm. Yeah but the results wouldn’t be so good.”

“True. I just love your company I suppose.”

“Well then come in, the evening is still young,” Sam said, swinging open the door. “It’s only,” she glanced at her watch, “Ten.”

“Well then, lets go, we are burning moonlight here,” Daniel said, laughing as Sam joined in.


Sam wrapped her arms around Daniel as the credits rolled, sinking deeper into him as his own arm fell from her shoulder to her side, absently playing with the blanket that was tucked around her. She looked up and studied the way the light played off of his strong features, and once more wondered how she had been lucky enough to get this man. She must have fallen asleep for a while because she was jerked awake as she felt Daniel’s warmth leave her side.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Daniel said, squatting beside the couch. “I was just going to turn the TV off and bring you up stairs.”

Sam smiled lazily and yawned. She closed her eyes and focused on her legs to move. She unwrapped herself and sat up as Daniel turned around and came back over. “It’s late.”

“It’s about 3a.m. We have to go back to the base early for the review; I better get home,” Daniel said, gathering his jacket from the chair nearby.

“Stay.” Sam blinked and blushed slightly. She hoped it did not have the desperate, needy edge to it as it had sounded in her head. Daniel’s slight hesitation made her regret it and was about to apologize, take it back, when Daniel laid his jacket back down and nodded his head.

Daniel and Sam walked up the stairs arm in arm. Sam looked over to Daniel and gave him a smile.

“I wish this was the last thing we could do every night.”

Without hesitation, Daniel replied, “Me too.”
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