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snagged from karma_aster:

gURL.comI took the "

handwriting personality
quiz on

my handwriting style is...

dreamy doodler

Your handwriting shows that you are first and foremost an individual.

Read more

What does your handwriting say about you?

And in other news... FINISHED my BIG, HONKIN project of Sam Icons!!! *yeah! go me!* I was able to fit 134 icons in the page, and if not for the writing on the paper, would have been able to fit 150 icons like I planned... but here it is NO, NO - HERE!!... So thanks to jessm78 the tribute to Amanda Tapping is done!! So now I have a few last minute details to take care of and then pack the package and send it away! *phew!*

Um and in still other news... some THIEF has been stealing the newspaper racks from our paper, the Waco Trib and Houston Chronicle. Bastards. And of course it's not because of our excellent news writing and witty editorials (which last week I single handedly destroyed) ... it's for the money. Damn crack heads. So we had the police come by this afternoon again. We basically chatted. It was a guy I hadn't met, of course we haven't had a major 10-50 (a wreck with injuries) in a while (knock on wood.. wait it sells papers! Never mind!) so he probably just works days.

I went home to Dallas last weekend and had a good time relaxing. Went to Dallas Museum of Art and saw Matisse - was soooo not impressed. He was a decent painter, but should have stopped at that. His sculpture was not very good. I could have done it. Ok mine would have been decent since I fancy myself slightly artistic.... Still. I had fun because I randomly ran into some of my Dallas friends, and no longer living there is like finding them in a hay stack. And I got to hang with my mom and her friends, so that made the non-art so much better. Everything is better with the right crowd! Sadly I did not get my Starbuck fix... ya, sue me. I was too busy sleeping in and doing nothing. It was GLORIOUS!

So ya... am working and just got one fic done, so I am hoping to have a few more things to show for my hiatus from updating fic. Been working on it, just nothing done yet. Have several done for the fic100 challenge and think if I can't do anything with the last prompt in the series, I will just post it anyway, i have to get through it... i feel so bad about not doing them. *slaps own hand*

Ok.. so ya, boring life... hopefully I don't screw things up this week... *g*
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