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Ok how dorky am i at the moment - I am cruising around MySpace trying to get some new music in my ears and I come across a profile that has New Kids on the Block. Not only am I JAMING, but I know the words.. Ok so in the 80s we were not really into the fancy multi-hook and verse stuff, but common! It's been what? AT LEAST 20 years ago!!! (ok a bit more like 17... but close)

So what is my next task - find more NKotB stuff of course!! I already was swinging (sorta) to Rockabilly fav Johnny Burnette... from the 40s and the last twilight of the era of swing and great boy bands with kicking songs... anyone? yes? Ok.. will update when I have more goodies...

Oh ohh OOO the right stuff...
And into the 60s with Journey and Jefferson Airplane.. oh and I spy some Kansas too!! WEEE
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