Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^< (chris4short) wrote,
Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

Well finally am getting my work computer to go more then two sites before freezing, and figured I would take advantage of this!!

Weekly highs and lows:
Got to go to play practice and am doing the sound stuff. So far the sounds are coming together... and as long as we can get the main cast all togeather, we are not half bad! Opening night is in 2wks...

Even so my internet at work is wacked, I am still able to have some conversations over email and have been having a wonderful time chatting with Emma *hug* and friends from the play.

And lastly... the weekends!!! Oh bliss! I have been trying to take a new approach to my work - work during the week, take the weekend off. So far it's been working. Only a few times have I had to venture out and do work... and most of that is fun stuff. I guess the whole relaxing part of my week is coming back into focus.

Found out mom will have to have another surgery. Not cool. Means she has to postpone her trip to Germany even longer. She hasn't said anythig like that, but I know it's hard. She usually goes about this time of the year to see her dad and her sisters.

Been feeling really, really tired lately. Of course with all the relaxing I seem to be getting I still manage to go to bed around 11p.m. or later. And am up at 7a.m. or 7:30a.m. I hope I am not getting sick!

My friend Angie got into another wreck - second in 4 mths - and I have been driving her roommate Tammy to work. Ok this is really not a low, but it's a not good either... one of those, just is. Angie's car should be ready by the end of next week, which is not making Tammy happy cause she needs a ride to Waco in the middle of the week for training.

Ok. So ya. Some stuff going on. I am going home to Dallas this weekend, and am bringing my cutie cat, Isis, with me. I hope to be a bit more consistant with my updating... and maybe some icon giving? Who knows!!

Hugs and kisses, and Happy Easter - and remember the real reason for the season is not the funny man in the bunny costume!!
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