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The Color Series; Sam/Daniel; Promps 12, 16-20

The Color Series
By Chris4Short
Rating: PG to PG-13
Prompts: Orange, Purple, Brown, Black, White, Colorless
Spoilers: None, just set in S9 and 10, and beyond

Fics written for the stargatefic100
My Big Damn Box



The sunset was spectacular from atop the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The last rays of yellow, orange, purple, pink and deep reds mingled and merged, spreading it's light as if they were long spidery fingers crossing the sky.

Maybe Jack is right; I am a woman trapped in a man's body. I looked down at my feet and gave a soft chuckle. Linguists are like poets, at least that's what my wife always says when I say something flowery. She smiles and coos making sure I know that it was the most profound thing she had heard that day.

I looked back to see if said wife was behind me, or if she had been caught up in some last minute sign your life away contract that she had seemed to be doing lately. There were a lot of last minute papers to be signed before we took our vacation on the shores of beautiful Atlantis.

I felt two sturdy arms wrap around my waist and her lips settle on the side of my neck, feather-light kisses raining down on me.

"Beautiful," she breathed, resting her chin on my shoulder.

"Yes it is."

"You think there are sunsets like this on Atlantis?"

"I don't know."

She settled into my back, hands clasped over my chest. I stroked her arms, relishing the feel of the curly sweater against my exposed arms; at least one of us remembered that Colorado Springs got cold after the sun went down.

And we stood and watched. The orb sunk lower and lower, being eaten by the mountain rocks, bathed in the waning light. As it's light slipped further into the horizon far beyond us, the last of the rays bathed all the trees and ground around us in an orangey tinge. I turned to my bride of almost four years, the mother of my two precious boys and kissed her.

She raised an eyebrow as we parted. "It's just too magical not to," I whispered as we once more kissed. We walked back to the base entrance and climbed back to the inside. Silently, hand in hand, and with the images of the sinking sun in our minds, we went to our quarters, making last preparations for our voyage.


Daniel did a double take. "Excuse me?"
"Boxers of briefs, Daniel." Vala crossed her arms and sat back. "Standard briefing question. Or de-briefing question." She giggled again.

"I don't think it is," Daniel shot back to where she sat. I see his cheeks turn a deep crimson. I thought it was adorable; perhaps not when he was being tortured, but the general blush was quiet sexy.

"Oh common, what's a harmless question among teammates and friends," Vala tried again. "I'm sure Sam could be coxed into telling us."

It was my time to blush slightly. "I don't think so. Some things will always remain a mystery."

"You can't be saying you've never noticed. You do have kids by him." Vala took another sip of her wine. A sudden thought flashed through her mind and I braced myself. "Perhaps this is a rogue. Maybe, Sam you had a fling with the… who do you have flings with nowadays? The postman. That's right. You had a fling with the postman and he… he…" Vala broke down in giggles. "He delivered!"

"Oh no, you have found me out," I said sarcastically. "I don't tell about my husband's briefing preferences. There are other things to talk about."

Vala cocked her head. "Hmm… maybe he's like Cam; likes to go witho-"

Cam wisely had entered the room and clamped his hand over her mouth. He gave a quick, shy and very embarrassed smile to us. "Ah, perhaps we have now officially over stayed our welcome, honey," he said, helping Vala stand. He steadied her with one hand on her hip and the other still over her mouth.

"Thanks for coming over, guys," Daniel said, following the pair to the door. I picked up Cam's jacket and handed it to him as he shuffled Vala out the door.

"Sorry. She's still shocked I finally proposed, and seems to have forgotten how to hold her liquor."

"Yeah," Daniel said, stuffing his hands down into his jean pockets. "Congrats again, Mitchell. You both really deserve to be happy."

"Be safe on your way home," I added. "Um it looks like your bride-to-be is puking on your car," I mentioned as I looked over to where Vala was heaving against the car in the driveway.

"Dear God. I'm… I need to go. I'll see you guys on Tuesday!" Cam said as he took off to where Vala was now on all fours. I turned to Daniel as he looked at me.

"Well good thing I didn't tell her you prefer purple boxers."

Daniel grinned. "You say it's a flattering color."

I met his grin as we walked up the stairs to our bedroom. "It is. It's even a better color on the floor."


"Look Mommy!"

I opened an eye and looked down at the squealing three-year-old Jacob. "What is it sweetie?" I turned and propped myself on my elbow, shifting the blanket to cover my legs more.

"Daddy taught us to bake a cake!" His sparkling blue eyes danced as he raised one arm high in the air and showed me the palm of the other. I closed my eyes and cursed my husband.


"Yes, honey?" Daniel said, in his oh-I'm-innocent-of-all-wrong-doing voice.

"You taught our son's to make mud pies?"

"Um…" he started. I rolled around to look at him and asked the question again. He turned a deep shade of pink. "Well, you see, Mel he asked if he could play in the rain puddles – I didn't know it had turned into mud – and I said yes. Then Jacob asked how he could make a cake um…" Daniel fell silent again.

"Go on," I said, as if I was talking to one of the twins.

"He asked how to make a cake that looked like the one you did for Jack's birthday." Daniel almost spoke the sentence as one word. Luckily for him, or not, I had learned how to mentally slow his speech down and hear the words.

"But that one was… oh," I said, looking back at Jacob who was now running with his brother to the small pile of mud they had collected on the patio.

I had burned the cake to almost a crispy outside making it look more like a chocolate cake then a lemon one. It had slipped quietly into the trash as Daniel packed the kids into the car so we could swing by the grocery store and pick one up. I looked back at Daniel who was smiling sheepishly.

"He's your child."

"Maybe I should have gotten you the cooking lessons instead of the vacuum cleaner," Daniel said thoughtfully.

I leaned close to him and whispered, "I can make your bed as cold as that mud, dear."

Mock pain came across his face for a moment. He cut his eyes over my shoulder and then settled them back on mine. "I think Mel and Jacob are already making the mud their bed. They left none for me. I guess I'll just have to snuggle up with my favorite non-cook then."

I whirled around to see my two boys flinging mud at each other. Their once dusty blond hair was now a deep shade of brown, and they had brown spots on their jeans, tops and all over their faces. "Holy Hannah." I looked back at Daniel. "You get clean up duty for our little chiefs in the making, and I'll order some food. If you are lucky it will not be burnt."

"If it is, I can always make something," Daniel quipped as he slipped away from my swatting hand. He ran over to the boys and grabbed the water hose, turning it on. He must have told the boys "get mommy" because the next thing I knew I was being chased by my three-year-olds and having to dodge Daniel and the water hose.


I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She just looked so sexy in the black t-shirt tucked neatly into her dark green pants. I knew her black boots were shinny and that she had sauntered around the bathroom in a sexy black lace boy-cut underwear and a bra that accented her beautifully full bust. It took some convincing, but I finally let her get dressed to go to work. I had no problem seeing her work in her lacy undies and bra.

Of course, no one in the SGC would object, which had been the deciding factor when I finally let her slip on some pants. She tugged at one of the pockets, taking out the small laser and pointing it to the map. I let my eyes trail up and down her body, as she turned sideways.

Cam asked several questions and she answered them without hesitation; reminding us all how quick her mind was. I also knew it was sexy as hell. She smiled as Landry came over to continue the briefing, and walked over to the seat next to mine. I rested an arm on her chair, letting my fingers spill over and brush lightly over the top of her leg. She shifted and closed the folder before her, letting my fingers brush more of her leg. I shot her a quick, frustrated look as she crossed her arms and legs, moving both out of my reach.

I gave up and placed my hand in my own lap, taking to studying her as I listened to Landry give two updates from the Pentagon. Her hair was pulled back, two small clear clips kept her hair back from her eyes. Her lips were slightly tinted; she almost never wore the full array of make-up that sat in our bathroom. Her shapely arms were bare and contrasted against the black t-shirt. I had to linger for no more then a mere glance at how her beautiful breasts filled out the top. I'm a guy, I appreciated a good pair. Especially a pair that she shares only with me. Continuing down her torso, she had managed to work off all the baby weight she gained and had even more of a chiseled set of abs then before. From there to her knees were blocked by the chair, but I could have described every curve and scar, pock and line that was between her belly button and her knees. Green pants were loose around her shapely legs, ending in an upturned cuff around the ankle of her boot.

"Any progress updates, Dr. Jackson?"

I snapped my eyes back into focus as Landry leaned forward to look at me. I saw her turn her eyes to me with an amused look. "Ah, no, no. We are ah," I flipped the folder open. Thankfully I am known to be a bit scatterbrained during briefings, so my day dreaming probably wasn't obvious. "We are still running the tests, but should be done… done by this afternoon. A report will be on your desk soon, sir."

"Excellent news, Doctor. The committees will be pleased to hear such a quick turn around." Landry smiled and placed his hands on the table. "Well if that's all… dismissed. Good work people."

Cam and Teal'c nodded, Vala twirled her hair around her finger and mentioned how she still hadn't eaten. Cam looked across the table at Sam and I. "You want to join in some brunch?"

"Ah…" I said quickly getting up, and looking at Sam.

"I'll be there in a moment, I have to make sure the calculations are right before I start the automated calibration test," Sam said smoothly. I looked at Cam and saw a small spark as if he was trying to figure what that meant in English.

"I guess I better let Bill know about letting my team know about the oxidation rate for the translation to continue," I said thoughtfully.

"Well we will have a table waiting for ya, just don't take too long. Vala may eat the whole buffet and leave you two nothing," Cam said, taking the stairs down to the control room. Vala landed a perfect jab on his arm for his statement.

"Automated calibrations?" I asked as we went down the hall together.

"Oxidation rate?" she countered.

"How about we calibrate how quickly we have to become oxygenated again?" I said, leaning close to her. I brushed a strand of blonde hair over her ear.

"You just want to fully check me out, don't you?"

I gave a small chuckle. "A man can hope and dream."

"We have 10 minutes before they suspect."

"Not enough time, but that will have to do. I suppose I can always admire you from afar all day."

She leaned back into me and whispered. "Anticipation is a turn on, my dear. And besides, I like being checked out without anyone knowing. Reminds me of the days before we were married."

I gave a breathy laugh. "You are a tease."

As she pulled me into our quarters on base, and before she kissed me passionately, she said quickly, "Why do you think I like walking around in cute black tops and bras and panties so much?"


I found the album and brought it to the living room. Daniel was standing beside Cassie's boyfriend, talking about how the backyard slopped enough to be an excellent sledding hill – according to our sons. You know us grownups don't do such things.

Cassie was straightening the coffee table, stacking the cups and plates to be taken into the kitchen later. She jumped up and took the album from me; I'm pregnant, not crippled.

"Oh how cute!" She said looking at the newest Christmas picture we had taken. We were all in blue and white, Daniel in a suit, the boys in matching blue blazers, and I had dressed in my dress blues, protruding belly and all.

"I think I like this one the best," Cassie said, moving to the next picture. I peered over her shoulder and chuckled. Our twins were playing in the snow and were bundled up. Daniel was squatting next to a snowman – which Jack dubbed "General Hammond" – and was laughing.

"Show her the other one from when the leaves fell," Daniel said, coming over. I nodded and flipped to the picture. I was sitting with my five-month tummy in my hands, and Mel was patting it with one hand and the other pointing to a pumpkin. He had said "Mommy has a pumpkin under there," as we wondered through the pumpkin patch.

"That's adorable!" Cassie said looking at it. "I bet they are so excited. You know what it is?"

I looked up at Daniel and smiled. "A little girl."

Cassie tilted her head as she 'aww' and rubbed my 8 month round belly. "Names?"

"Judy," I said. "After my mom."

"The next girl will be named 'Claire,'" Daniel added.

"So sweet," she sighed. I watched her as she flipped through the album toward the front. She stopped as pictures of her, Jack and Teal'c came into view. "I remember that! Teal'c thought he would freeze going into the water when it was winter out!"

She continued to flip until she stopped at the wedding pictures. "Oh gosh, look how skinny I was," I muttered.

"You even more beautiful now," Daniel said as he slid next to me. He gave me a quick kiss and looked back at the album. "I never thought the ceremony would end. It felt like eternity before the priest side 'you may now kiss your bride.'"

"You both looked so adorable," Cassie said, pointing to some of the pictures where Daniel and I danced and were laughing. "I always knew you'd have cute kids too."

Cassie and her boyfriend left soon afterwards, leaving me in the kitchen cleaning the dishes and Daniel wiping them down.

"Five years," he said, softly kissing my cheek.

"In about a month," I said. "Who would have thought it was possible?"

He chuckled and nodded. “I thought Jack would have killed me if I didn’t just merry you.”

“I would have been next in line,” I said as I passed him the last dish. “I was done waiting and wanted to have kids before it was too late to enjoy it.” I wiped my hands dry and looked back at my husband.

“You will never be too old,” Daniel said, leaning over and kissing me gently. “And one is never to old to go play in the snow!” he said as the twins came back into the room. They had their winter coats already in their hands.

I watched the three boys rally up a snowball fight as I stroked my belly, smiling at the sight.


“A tumble in the hay?”

She laughed again, her nose wrinkling in the cutest way. Her sparkling blue eyes turned to me and she shook her head, making her blonde hair bounce slightly.

“Your right, Mitchell does have the oddest suggestions.”

The lake before us was the deepest blue, the grass the greenest I had seen in years, and the patches of wild flowers were amazing. It was is if this place was meant to be enjoyed in peace. Almost nothing spoiled the view of the jutting island that peaked over the horizon.

“I love this place.”

Sam curled her hand around mine and leaned into my shoulder, soaking in the gentle breeze and the way it sounded against the waves far below us.

I looked down at her and saw her eyes drift close. Taking my jacket I scooted over, laying the jacket over my legs and easing her to rest her head on my outstretched legs. It was the way she wiggled to find the perfect spot that made me rest a hand on her shoulder, stroking her as she drifted asleep.

I felt the warmth of the sunrise and the pounding of the waves become louder. I leaned back against the rock and closed my own eyes, feeling my best friend, lover and wife weave her fingers in her sleep with mine. I drifted into a colorless, dream of peace.
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