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Way breaking news

Well I just got back from standing outside a hotel that is the site of a homicide. I don't know what happened, except that the police called for the JP (Justice of Peace) and had called for crime kit and crime scene tape. Here in Marlin I am sure they have rolls sitting around since there really isn't that many times they really need it.

So being A) the reporter and B) the curious person who lives in scannerland, I hopped into my car (low on fuel I may add as a non-interesting side note) and headed out to the motel. Where I was promptly told I could not go up there (it was on the second story) like three times. I may be dumb at times, but I am not deaf. I wanted to tell him that I may be the reporter, and was there looking for a story, but I know that the police work comes first, my story second. I wanted to tell him that I respect their job and position as the ones who are first on scene and all I ever ask in return is respect by getting the story first. Which really, they are not so great at.

Marlin is not exactly portrayed as the town where good things happen - rather the opposite. If any of you in the US have heard the scandals surrounding the Texas Youth Commission, you may have heard Marlin houses the Intake and Evaluations Center - like the gate way to TYC. We are big kahoonas when our ass is out in the wind. Thanks guys for inviting the WACO newspapers and camera crews, and not the small, weekly, and therefore insignificant newspaper right in your own backyard.

Goes to show you really don't have friends in the police department. No matter how much you put forth that you are not like anyone they have ever met. Yes I am "the media" but god have I EVER hounded them for news? No really the opposite. And the icing... I was told that basically I am viewed as two things: The Media and the Volunteer Firefighter.

By the way, my name is Christine The Reporter. Not The Reporter Christine. Insensitive cowpokes!!!
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