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Review: Line In the Sand

Oh another good ep!!

A certainly nice Sam-centric ep. Nice to see she is using her skills to be modifying Merlin's devices... I am sure she almost forgot what back-engineering was!

So we start off with Sam saying that the device is really not ready for the real world - but Vala *gasp* is the one who hurries and says that no prob, boss, Sam can make a whole village disappear. Oh they have a few days? Ahh, no sweat. Sam is kinda bussled at the confidence that Vala exibit in front of Landry, but is ready to step up to the challenge. She brings the device to the village and of course it works (ahh nothing like the PTB to give her a boost in confidence, I am sure she has forgotten what that feels like too). But you know, Landry has a quick nod, Cam has faith and Teal'c is the stoic silent one of strength. To have such a team!

Of course we have the "shit happens" where Sam's device fails, and the Ori come, invading. Oh what joy! In the whole Ori take over of the village, Sam is caught off guard and shot in the back. Now I think this is a realistic situation, Sam is usually very absorbed in her work, so her being in the house and engrossed in the work before her and wouldn't have heard anything as the warriors came in. As Cam tries to make Sam focus on getting well... Sam plays the beautiful warrior who really is trying to fight, but is accepting her fate. She has been a soldier for so long, she knows what it looks and feels like to be on the downward path to death. She tells Cam that even if he plays hero, he will never get her out at the same time - he would be killed trying. Sacrificing the device for her is not what she ever had in mind. She sees the device more important - look what it can do on a small scale to fool the Ori! And yes, as sad as she probably is, she knows that there are others on her science team to use the device.

Vala - wow. This is as much her ep as Sam's. Vala is sticking up for Sam's brilliant mind. Vala is cracking jokes. Vala, for the first time in a long while, is faced with her husband, Tomin, and what he had become. Tomin has... compassion on Vala and takes her to the side, and then kills the others. She is spared, and brought to the "flying toilet seat" where she is to sit under Tomin's teaching. She confesses that she did - does - love Tomin. She goes on to say that he may as well give up because she will never accept Origin, no matter how hard he pushes it like the destructive drug it is. Tomin back hands her for her words. He comes back later and begs for forgiveness. He loves her also, something I am sure neither party totally understands. Vala is so used to being used to a certain extent and Tomin has pledged his life to the Ori and simply can not justify falling in love with a woman who rejects Origin. And it's not just the bond that they are married, that they lived together for a while, or that Vala is the mother of Adria. It goes deeper. There is pain in Vala's face when she realizes, at the end, that he is willing to sacrifice himself to keep her safe. She begs him to come with her. In the end she she jumps into the arms of Teal'c... how cute!

There isn't much development in Teal'c other then him once more is defending the fact that freedom is worth any price. Even ones life.

Cam. Ahhh lovable Cam! Cam is one who is the HERO in this. He eggs Sam on to stay alive, and with his wittiness seems to make a scary situation (the invasion and wiping out of a village at the hand of the Ori) into a rather funny one. "Please keep all arms and legs in the village..." Ah I am feeling this is Cam in his element. Yes he is a bit of a Jack - but has his own brain he actually uses along with wittiness. He believes in the strength of Sam's knowledge and uses this to save the village in the end.

Ok I am rather sorry about the lack of cohesion in this "review" - it was opening night of the play and I am really tired. I am so glad that the VCR (yes a VCR) worked and I have them on tape.. so i shall bid you a goodnight, and try to finish this in the morning.

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