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Thanks to rotster for telling me that Gabit AT3 has finally announced their dates!!!

SQUEEEEEEE!!! Next May 2-4 will be when I am SOOOO in London and being just another foolish American!!! YEAH!!!

I do confess, I am a bit worried about the price, but then again, it is still a YEAR away, but a lot can happen in a year... but either way... I so need to most likely go ahead and purchuse the tickets ASAP. Will be able to afford the basic package though... And I know my flight could be almost the same or double the price of the ticket... and god only knows where I will stay while I am there cause mom told me I can't just go for the weekend and come back (and ya'll should be so grateful I am typing this cause in my head my mouth is going a millionmilesanhour!!!!!)

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