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Road Not Taken; The Shroud

For two weeks my schedule has been making me miss my Stargate! And my VCR has been acting a fool on top of it. So, I enlisted the help of my AU sis jessm78 to help me rectify this situation and mail me the DVDs of the past weeks. *HUGGLES Jess* She went well beyond the call and you are totally LOVED for it!! Package came on Thursday and I have been waiting to take time out to catch up... so with out further ado.... my reviews!

The Road Not Taken

WOW! A character-centric episode and about SAM! WEEEE! Well certainly there was a lot of goodness in this episode, but the one thing that I drew from it, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this was what the PTB had wanted, was what the world could be like if the devices found were used to only defend one group of persons.

Half way through, Sam - who I thought was really odd to have still been a MAJOR after 10 years with the program - asked General Hammond why they were defending their own butts and had effectively abandoned all their allies. Protecting ones own mitka was more important then helping rid the whole universe of the Ori. Then there was the use of technology in everyday, and that they would bomb a village - in Ireland nonetheless - just because the Irish government requested it. No wonder everyone was so scared! Anyone else catch that when Sam was at that meet and greet big brew-ha-haa the protester was touched - dare I say tortured? - by the same weapon that the Lucian Alliance had used to torture Teal'c.

It was shady to see that someone so powerful as the president would assert his agenda as law and keep Sam there after he promised that he would let her go back to her own parallel. I am sure there is supposed to be some political message of warning in all that, and I am sure someone saw it as such. I shall not discuss that here. However, it was nice to see Hammond's unsettlness, and I am sure if he was not tied to the military, he would have done something.

To see that Sam was being followed, and basically treated as an object and toy - or pawn even - in the political agenda of Pres. Hank Landry was a bit queasy. I was glad she made the effort to see Cam - ok side note, ladies, did we notice the hair? I thought - Holy Hannah! It's Daniel's Mobeus WIG!!!! I thought it was telling how he went from being protected to being dropped. And of course Sam would call and go ahead and work with the enemy. If they knew Sam at all, they wouldn't have been surprised that she would have used the power and platform as her soapbox. I thought it was another sad thing that the lady who was interviewing her was so stunned. You know you are going to hell in a hand basket when the government controls the media.

McKay! Oh he looks so precious with glasses!!! Why can't Daniel have those glasses? Ok, off topic, sorry. But McKay looked so... regular. Honestly, I have to imagine that the Sam in that 'verse is a bit less outspoken about her smartness... or Rodney isn't such a jackass. I am thinking less a jackass. He was too cute when he kept asking if that was the truth - especially when Sam was coming to see him the first time and was telling him all these good attributes that HER McKay had. I saw the pain on her face as she lied. It was funny!

The reunion!! Hammond!!! I was so flabbergasted to see him!! Ok so maybe you spoiler whores knew, but this last few episodes, I have been avoiding spoilers. So it was nice to see Bill Lee too!! So funny. And the reunion from the aspect of the team coming back together. I thought it was really funny how they all told Sam they were looking for her, and was worried, but avoided the question of what they said - hello! Vala and Ebay? And anyone else want to see Teal'c spar with Siler?

The running huggle that Vala gave Sam and the "We really missed you Samantha" was quite cute way to show their concern. I am not surprised that there was no "looking for Daniel" while she was away for 2 weeks - imagine the devastation that Cam must have felt alone for now suddenly loosing 2 teammates! And remember last episode Sam was the one lying dying too... so that must have been fresh how he almost let her down then, and now couldn't do anything.

I think this ep opened itself up to some missing fic!

- what did the gov't threaten to do to McKay if he helped Sam?
- what was it like for Sam to have to show McKay the technology that she knew how to operate, and do you think they maybe got to know each other better/what did they discuss?
- the obvious ones are what did Cam, Teal'c and Vala talk about when they were in the empty room "with Sam" and keeping her company?

Over all, a very good episode that was packed full of jam. It had a lot of very interesting points to make people discuss. Perhaps not much "character development" and no "we are rescuing Daniel" type things, but a good mini show about the consequences of the technology they hold. What would happen if that was Col. Sam's universe? Would they so easily abandon their allies, and protect only themselves? Is there a need to cloak the whole planet since Col. Sam's universe has the Atlantis outpost and has access to ZPMs (Zee Pee Ems)? *Pondering...*

The Shroud

It's Prior Daniel!!! and he is soft pedaling Ori - another shameless fic plug, folks, but it's sort of like my completed fic The Rescue which I wrote before The Shroud, and with only the knowledge that Daniel would go Ori. Ok, ok, so I did see a spoiler! Opps! But hey, it brought forth fic, who can blame a girl and her muse? Thought so.

Ok where were we? Ah yes, Daniel the Prior. Not to convincing when he says, "Hallowed are the Ori" but hey, this is Daniel we are talking about. Not very easily swayed. And once more, Daniel surprises everyone by doing the double cross, and then later down the road, another double cross. He has more twists then the double helix.

Love how Merlin was still there protecting Daniel. Very nice of him to also put a timer into Daniel so that his handsome good looks would return. Obviously Daniel had to bid his time so SG-1 could find him, like he said, and so that Adria would believe he really had accepted Origin. The whole, stop making the weapon, go convert and get more power, was a good little ploy - Daniel got out among the masses so SG-1 could find him, and he also could bid some time so... SG-1 could capture him. I sense a hinge in the plan here.

Daniel having to convince the team that it was really him was well done. If the roles were reversed, and even brought up S9's small meeting with the son of Anubis *holy Hannah continuity!!* as a point that perhaps not everyone is who they say they are. The Anti-Prior device, once more continuity with existing weapons. I loved the Jack/Daniel banter - never really know how good it was to have RDA there until he comes back. Of course I think Jack is even more JACK now that he does guest spots. Either way, nice to see him.

I didn't quite understand what Vala was proposing when she went to Daniel and was sitting on his lap. Poor thing, so helpless and couldn't push her away. But I think she was testing Daniel, saying that if she could let him get away, and go to the Ori ship, would he still take over, and then use it to destroy them? And of course Vala would be clearing her afternoon for planning.

Cam really didn't have much "trust" background to go on. Being one of the "younger" members of SG-1, he had only known Daniel for a little bit compared to the rest of the team. But even then he was making sure they were questioning the actions. Teal'c was the "lie detector" and did feel as if Daniel was telling the truth. The only one who didn't have a one on one with Daniel really was Sam.

Now my theory on Sam goes like this: Sam, after having to face the fact that her best friend has been effectively captured in Quest II, and almost dying herself in Line in the Sand, and then in Road not Taken having to see an alternate way things with the Ori could have gone, is emotionally not ready to face him. She doesn't want to be one of the "is he telling the truth" seekers because this is her best friend we are talking about. Would she do it if she had too? Of course, but once more she was busy doing what she does best: figure out how things work. Now it could be my imagination, but didn't Sam already fly an Ori ship? Or was that she was able to hack into the Ori computer system before? Either way, she was concentrating on her role.

Shipper Squee: My gosh we had some good Sam/Daniel moments!! You are asking what?! But no, really!!

When Daniel first is revealed that he is the Prior on the planet, Sam's in total disbelief. Now if that is because he is standing there, or because he is a Prior, is probably a good mix. Some of the other big moments are when Daniel beams into the control room and disarms Adria, Sam is the one to rush - yes RUSH - to the chair and she puts her hand on his head, dear I say maybe stroking his hair? He looks up, and he is looking a bit more like Daniel. At the end, Daniel is standing beside Sam, in his scrumptious blue scrubs.

Ok, well there ya go! Hope it is semi entertaining!! I have Bounty written too, but will post tomorrow! I am just glad I can carve out my Sci-fi Friday's out and have them to myself!!
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