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Bad Guys!

Well.. this was a very funny, to me, ep. Shall we follow the yellow brick road?

Oh my gosh.... I thought this was a funny episode. It was nice to see some humor in the show again.

Vala: Ah yes finally we see that she's a thief. I think the PTB forgot that little thing. It was funny the scene in front of the case, with glass. Oh yes and Vala just happens to bring some glass cutting equipment. Does Daniel even bring his tools? Suspicious? But the banter! If all the Vala/Daniel banter was like this, I would be more than happy to digest it every week. However, it's not, so Vala/anyone but Daniel is AWESOME. Vala calling Teal'c "Muscles" in the meusem and wanted to join the party - hey girls just wanna have fun!

Sam: Convenently not there. Because if she was, we all know we would have gotten two adventures for the price of one episode. But oh well. We did see a manual dial of the gate. *g*

Teal'c: Oh this man is "muscles" and funny. It's interesting to see Teal'c's journey into humor. And it's nice to see some Chris Judge in him. If anyone has had the utter privlage to be at a con with Chris Judge you will quickly discover this stud is FUNNY. And has hair. So I am glad that there has been more humor given to Teal'c. The little zat and smile was fun!

Cam: Awww... he gets to spend time with the thief and help her steal the naquada bomb, which, Vala arms. Why? for believablity of course! Let's gloss over that the guard, who is FUNNY in his own right, wouldn't know if it's on even if it was just ... oh I don't know, off? Once more, Captain - err, Colonel - Obvious points this out. Cam has to decide how best to kill 5.5 hrs until the SGC came acallin. Too bad there was a cheating sister and a neglected boyfriend.

Daniel: OMT how can I say how much I love snarky Daniel? Like tons! I thought it was great to have Daniel, the cultural expert, to be the one who is the "hostage nogatiator" and be snarky to the people! The nice little "everyone stay calm and quiet!" was funny. The whole bickering sisters and Daniel trying to explain the rules of being a hostage. I should be taking notes. Snarky Daniel, I could watch you all day! Long live the snark!

The guest stars: Well I am sorry but these guys are the ones who brought the fun home. Cicero is the "kindred spirit" to Daniel, as Vala gently points out. He is amazed that the ring is real, and tries to help get the "rebels" back home. Of course he is also a gun keeper, and the one who tries to sooth over the negotiations. Jayem Saran tries to be a hero and is great when he is in radio contact and is told to stand down, do nothing - of course the radios were compromised! He is a hero! Nice to see someone take charge. And of course blunder his way through it all!

Edit: Forgot the most important thing in my reports. the Sam/Daniel connection or moments!! Thanks jessm78 for reminding me, aka hitting me in the head. We do get the S/D moment in this ep, even so half of the S/D is gone... mainly the 'S'... moving on. When Vala is trying to get the gates up, or is it by the gate? Sheesh memory failing - ok it's been like 4 hrs since i saw it. - and Moving on! Vala is hooking computers up and is not getting any results, Daniel's remark? "I wish we had an expert" - aka SAM!!! Of course if Spacemonkey had his Galactic Babe everything would be good, and once more we would have had two adventures for the price of one episode. Thanks Jess for pointing out my oversight and hopefully making this report more complete. *g*

And a blip for SGA: We got two funnies! Ok so SGA was more drama then funny, but to see McKay freak out and "we are going to die! I am going to die! I am going to die!!!" is always funny.

Ok. So. Yeah!!

"Excuse me, murderious rebels"
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