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I had a pretty good day so far. Been lazy. I walked over to the Post Office and bought the Houston Chronicle and clipped coupons like a crazy coupon cutter! YEAH!! It was fun, so I made my shopping list and looked through my coupons, and went to the gas station - DUDE! $2.99 per gallon!!! Hwy robbery!!! - and then drove to Robinson, which is about 25miles away to the Brookshires. Sure I could have just have stayed here in town and shopped at HEB, but there isn't a lot of selection and the prices are high.

So chugged out there, and realized it had been weeks since I went out on Hwy 7 out of town because I was struck by the beauty of the corn fields that seem to have sprung out of no where. It's just amazing.

So went shopping saved 20% with my coupons and the savings card Brookshires has. Drove home, put my stuff away and did something really odd: I sat down and made a meal plan for this week. Gah! I think that's so funny! I figured, I need to loose weight, and now I have food, so I can't say "there's nothing to eat!" and mean it.

So... I made a salad for a late, late lunch... and it was AWESOME! So I made another bowl, so later when I am hungry again I have it made!!

Tuna Salad
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* A few leafs of lettice
* 1/2 chopped tomato
* Tuna in a bag - lemon flavoring
* Ranch dressing (I have pepper flavored ranch)

Combine lettice, washed, hand shreaded, or pre-shreaded, chopped tomato, and tuna in a bowl. Separate tuna chunks with fork and stir into lettice and tomatoes. Pour ranch on salad and mix again. Add additional tuna, tomatoes, lettice or ranch as desired. Enjoy with some nice cold iced tea!
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