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We were over-do a good blaze. And tonight, or really yesterday night now, we got it! Sadly it was right in my backyard and caddy-corner the Marlin Fire Department. A block away Lyon's Floral Shop was on fire.

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Larger pic:

It was a nice blaze that ended up totally destroying the shop. Thankfully it wasn't occupied since there had been someone living upstairs. A month ago the lady moved out.

The building is next to a bank, and the heat had sent the transformer sparking when I got there. And three hours, or less, it was burnt, with some walls collapsed.

It woke me up (the tones) just as I was finally falling asleep, and so I jumped out of bed, put on my clothes and ran with my camera to the scene. I ended up running home, taking my car over to the parking lot - again about a block or less away - so I didn't have to carry all my equipment and so a friend could borrow my turnout coat (the yellow jacket firefighters wear). I ended up going home to fill up a water jug (and managed to pour half of it all over my kitchen) and was walking around giving water to the firefighters.

Ok so I am sooooo going to bed, since it's 3a.m. and I have to be up and at work in 4hours yippy!
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