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*Deep Breaths*

Well I realized that the last thing I posted was my massive mini rant last Friday. Opps. I do want to thank each one who though and posted to that rant. You all are GOLDEN and are the bestest a girlie could ask for in the time of need (or rants...) *MASSIVE FLIST GROUP HUG*

So I am better *yeah* am just now trying to get my head on straight, and think the 3 day weekend - yes I managed to have a 3 day weekend with going into work on Mondwy for 2 hrs *YEAH*. I needed a vacation - hence the rant - and that was a nice represe from work. However, I am looking forward to my trip in November to Burbank and hanging out with my super cool buddies there, and next May in London! Now those are vacations!!! But alas, I am sane (well... you know... for me atleast *g*) and clear headed.

The evil mongal from hell came back yesterday. He left. He will return in 2wks. We have someone else now sitting in my bosses office until we get a new "permenant" publisher. The poor man is not Mac savvy and has a strong suite in Advertising (nothing wrong, just saying not publisher material like we are used to)... But the way cool news is that they (my real publisher) wants me to become a paginator. I think I spelled that right. Basically (cause I had to look it up like a journalist idiot) I will be able to lay out pages and stuff like that. Sadly our other writer maybe leaving... but he may not know it yet kind of thing... Give me mad skills to help now and be able to take to my next job - good investment. Now I wonder if that would bring a few extra green things to my wallet...

I think my muse has wondered back! I was writing a few more scenes for a SG1 fic, and going over a SGA one... and then started a new Original Fiction, temporarily called "The Next Great American Novel"... premise: a struggling writer becomes entangled in investigating some beach front murders... cliche maybe. But I think it's smashing. Plus I also started another one about a small town fire department and one night that a blaze hits and the investigation. Hey, art imitates life, and it's not like any of them will get done anytime soon, so there ya go.

Ok back to the pavement... err keyboard and getting these PRs outta the way... and start thinking of things to do to since school has ended and I have to still put out articles... especially if someone is being voted off the island....
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