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*pats new DVR* it's so far worth the money I paid to upgrade. Yes, kids, Christine has come into the 21st century, no more VCR tapes! I still have my VCR - OH MY GAH! what am i gonna do about all my VHS tapes!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!! - but it will not play sound anymore... Enough about the old times...

I know most of fandom don't like the Jaffa line and so most probably skipped this episode, but I must say, this was a very good character development/background for Teal'c and if nothing else showed what he can do when the big man is pissed. Which we all would agree is never a good thing. Yet still sexy.

I like the fact that we get to SEE that Teal'c still has contact with Bra'tac and the Jaffa nation, or what's left of them. Yes, most are split still after Origin was first introduced to them, and most have figured that no-religion was really not working out for them, so may as well take one that didn't enslave them (by apperances at least). Teal'c and Bra'tac are still respected leaders and most of those who resist use them as examples.

Tealc' escapes death twice in this episode, making up for the infirmary lack he has been having on his record for many years. It was nice to see Dr. Lam again (even if it wasn't for much) and the little interactions she had with Cam... part of me is still a Cam/Lam shipper.... but we see Cam/Vala more every episode. It is the first infirmary trip and recovery that prompts the "Kick Ass and Mean It" Teal'c to surface. He is pissed that after all this time, the Jaffa are now being violent and trying to act like the Ori (my words/interpritation) by bombing those who want to stay free and not except Origin. It's the double face of Arkad we see later that kind of pushes that idea.

Teal'c takes it upon himself to revenge the deaths of those who just seek to live without the oppression of the Ori. He is unstoppable and not even the reasonable Daniel, or Cam's hand to hand combat fighting, will convince him to let it go. Or if not let it go, think about another way other then an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth methodology. But Teal'c is beyond reason, he even brings up old wounds - his mother's murder - to justify the killing of Arkad. And being called "soft" and a "coward" or even "like the humans" seem to be a bit touchy for the Big Guy. And who can blame him?

This episode really shows that there is a limit to Teal'c self restraint. He will hnt you down and make you pay, very much like he was trained to do as a First Prime, and he will win. Even if he is all bloody and wounded. He is not above torture (Bak'al) or blowing them up either. He will make your death slow and painful (Lizan) until he gets his information. When Teal'c is pissed, there is no place and no one, even his friends, who are safe. It was nice to see Teal'c get a little mad and "get back to his roots" if you will. And ya, double crossers, should be impaled and sworded - especially after Arkad told Landry that he just basically wanted to have some peace in that they (the Jaffa) could believe Origin, without being told they were wrong by the Tauri.

Sam/Daniel moments: we have them standing side by side when Teal'c leaves.

Anti-Vala/Daniel: Vala and Daniel are teamed up, but really Vala is becoming more mature in her position (what ever that is) in SG-1 and really intelligently asks Daniel how Teal'c could be stopped, how Arkad could be stopped and what would they do once Arkad was captured. I like non-annoying and not-sexed Vala. She actually seems... human!

Cam: This poor man. He has to reign in Teal'c and cover his ass, and his teams at the same time. Maybe not the smartest move to be doing something that they would do anyway to capture the T-man, but oh well. And nice speech - I agree with Teal'c though, "The time for talk has come to an end." Sorry you got your cute ass whooped. Dr. Lam will make you feel better.

Me? I liked. Of course I am a ray of freakin sunshine with the last few episodes, aren't I? Only 3 more episodes and my beloved show will ride into S11 in fanfic only, and movies. *sob*
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