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just shoot me NOW!

Insanity has crept into my brain and made it it's home - so if, for some odd chance, you are looking for it, please contact me. I would be happy to give it back.

This morning I have already had to deal with the Funeral Home guy twice. TWICE! More then none times a day is WAY more then I care to deal with him. *head desk* I have also gone over to the church that is sponsoring the "Work for Christ" work project for this week, and gone to 2 homes to take pics. Came back, made corrections to my work, and am just sitting here, hungry, insane, and iching to do something other then what I am doing. I am just so ... grrr! Agitated I guess.

And for lunch, I am going to potty my friends 5 dogs and then over to the VFD to check out the kids who are doing community service out there. There was somehting else rattling in my brain I was going to share...

OH YEA! This morning (like 2a.m.) I hear some firefighter over my scanner (most nights it's quiet) screaming about 3 guys in a building, the roof collapsed already and they are requesting a second line in. Now this may not be some big deal to most of you, well fist off I doubt many of you have personal scanners... and if you do... I sure hope it's not because you are drag racers and need to know when the cops are coming to bust you your drag races... Right. But this was really enough to make me pause in what ever dream I was in, and think. I never heard the tones being dropped, and my pager never went off, and it really doesn't exactly sound like any of our guys...

I went back to sleep since I thought I left my phone in the car and I was not about to call the Sherriffs Office at 2 or 3 a.m. to see what was going on... Yes I felt guilty because it sounded like a bad fire... and we all know fire sells papers. *g* So anyway, around 6:30 I am still hearing the traffic, and decide to get up and call the SO. Raymond answered and I asked where the fire was. He asked what fire? I said I hear all this traffic over the scanner about a fire somewhere, and he laughs and said that for the past 3 nights they have been recieving traffic for Coppell (I think that is where he said) which is up in DALLAS! So someone in Coppell, TX has a house burned and a car sitting (or was sitting) in their front is gone.

I do admit, it had some interesting effects on my dreams... nothing like some hot fireman to make your dreams all better... *g*
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