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Just A Moment; C/V, PG-13

Just A Moment
By: Chris4Short
Pair: Cam/Vala
Catagory: Pre-Romance
Spoilers: S8 Promethus Unbound; S10 Quest 2
Summery: Sometimes all they need is just a moment.

He looked up and caught her looking out the window. The light in her eyes was dull, and for some reason it made him reach out and over the briefing table and place a hand over her fingers. Her eyes lifted to his and a smile tried to come on her lips, but her eyes portrayed her.

He sat back, drawing his own hands close and studied the sheets of paper in front of him. The thought that she was still behind a wall of looking strong struck him as they finally concluded the meeting. He looked around the table as he got up and noted with sadness that they all were trying to be strong. They had lost one of their own and it was finally sinking in how deep the void was.

He walked beside her, taking in how she ruffled herself before going into the hall and walking toward the elevators. It was her defense, something he had gotten used to seeing over the last year and half she was with them. She wasn’t quite under his command, and had honestly only had recently joined the team. But the day in and day out of the way they had worked, he had seen enough to be able to stop the elevator and turn to her, and took her arms and pulled her close.

The sadness vanished as he crushed his lips on hers and tried to desperately take the pain away. It was the sudden release she seemed to need as she sank into him propelling him back and landing hard on the opposite wall, hands roaming, tongues dancing and minds finally coming up blank.

“It’s not fair,” she said quietly pulling back and lifting her dark eyes up to his. “No one should have had to sacrifice anything. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t…”

Cam placed a finger on her cheek and kissed her forehead gently. “Don’t regret that you found us. Everything happened like it was supposed to. Even if we don’t know why.”

Vala’s eyes filled with tears and Cam pulled her into his chest, feeling her tears soak into his shirt, letting them soak into his heart. He blinked his own tears of frustration and loss away as the woman in his arms gave a few deep breaths. It’s not fair he conceded as she quieted.

“Thank you,” she added soothing his now wrinkled shirt. “I just needed,” she looked up and she gave a small smile, “a moment.”

Cam nodded and pushed the stop button again, giving Vala one last squeeze as the elevator continued to their original destination.
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