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Family Ties - Review

Ok so technically I am a week late in this review. But I just saw it this past Wednesday or so, since I went home to Dallas last weekend and missed SG1. Yes I was crushed too.

This was another Vala-centric, look she is redeeming herself episodes. I thought it could have been better... but then again most eps these past few weeks could have been supper-dupper if it just added (or cut) a few things.

So we have Vala's dad, who apparently had multiple ladies in his live so know telling how many brothers and sisters Vala had. I loved how Cam pointed out her accent! *loves CB's accent* And the apparently her mother is the one with the accent, since her father sure didn't have it! *wonders if in dubbed versions they hear the difference*

Her dear ol' dad is also a con artist. The apple never falls very far from the tree, does it? Of course anyone with half a brain would realize that perhaps he has been playing the game a lot longer and would not just be "suddenly willing to help" without at least a kickback of some kind. Somehow cleaning out old ladies on Bingo night isn't matching the money he could be making on, oh say, selling ships and naquida? I think the "Stardust" commercials were cute. So Earth!

Once more, we see how Vala is slowly becoming accepted into the ways of SG1 with the opening scene with Vala and Sam in SEXY outfits and carrying a few goodies. Of course the shipper in me automatically squees at the possible thoughts of items that have been purchased ... late nights and missed meetings, if you get my drift ;-D .... Err... right moving on. Of course in the middle of the fashion show - was Vala working it with Cam or what! - the kaxons sound and we get back to SG1, not SG1 in pretty dresses... Oh well.

Through the whole episode I think the main thing we are to get out of it is that "Look, Vala has changed. Compare her with her dad who is still running schemes. She must be redeemed!" Yes, well, Vala was not as bad as her father in her schemes (that we know of) so there would be a degree of better possibilities of her redeeming herself then her dad. Let me rephrase that: It would be easier to see the changes in Vala then her dad because her dad was still a-scheming, while Vala was out modeling Victoria's Secret for some one... Ohh laa laa!!

I think this also shows a LOT about Vala's clinginess to certain people, say of the male variety and of the smart, handsome, sexy, archeology persausion. Her expectations of men (or any father figure) is that they will come and give her attention only when they need something out of her. She is very leery to let her dad come to Earth because of the past, and is still very cautious after he is settling in because she knows how easy it is to slip into the old routine of conning is. She has to be reassured that her father wants the help and to be turning a new leaf.

I see this as a reason why Daniel and the whole SGC (to a certain degree) is so amazingly fasinating. For the first time no one is going to stand by her when things are good and leave when they are bad. Besides the whole fact that the military doesn't work that way, SG1 doesn't work that way. She latched on to the one person who showed he cared and she holds on tight because no one is nice forever, right? So may as well be a leech and suck it all up before it leaves, because past has proven, it will leave.

My heart broke for Vala when she was trying to make a connection with her dad. She really was beginning to believe perhaps this wasn't a rouse and was a real want for redemption. Of course in the end the only way to bust him was to join him - and I must say Vala's dad didn't seem to surprised to see Vala join him. Perhaps he was doubting her sincerity to the whole "I am a new person" too. Old ways die hard.

Vala/Teal'c moment: Vala knocks out poor Teal'c while they are trying to get to the ship (which Vala's dad double crosses her to get anyway) and then at the end, Vala apologizes to Teal'c and helps him up. Awwww.


There is also a second story that mirrors the main one, I think. Carolyn Lam and Hank Landry's relationship has been anything but smooth. Another father/daughter team have been having a "live and let live" attitude for a while. Lam is the one who makes the effort to bridge the gap between herself and her dad, and then between her dad and her mom. Such a tenderness to it. I loved how Landry is nervous about making the dinner date and Walter is asking him if he has somewhere to be. Aww Landry is nervous about meeting his ex-wife! Anyhow, thought it was a nice mirror, of what Vala may have hoped would have happened between her and her dad.


Sam/Daniel: Daniel agrees with Sam on going after the naquadah loaded ship. Daniel calls Sam first when it is discovered Vala's dad is gone missing. And of course Daniel and Sam are in radio contact as point on both fronts. *sigh*


And last but not least the little jab at Sci-fi Channel: Mitchell and Siler are chatting about a show that has been canceled. Also Siler is back in the infirmary racking up his sick days quota again. Good to see somethings never change!!
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