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Domination - Review

Lookie! Two SG1 reviews in one week! Yeah!

Oh gee, starts out as another Vala ep. But we have Baal to oogle at! Son perhaps it isn't all lost. Of course it does seem to be the battle of the dress designers... Adria's funky long jacket thing, or Baal's leather jacket thing. Oh well, match made in heaven - LEATHER!!!

So we have the use of the memory implant device in Vala - and to think it was her idea. Hmm... I thought it was a very real "memory" are we sure it was just a memory? I mean would SG-1 really be sitting through Vala's dreams? No. So are we really sure it was a dream? But it worked... Adria really believed that Vala had left the SGC and that SG1 would be after the whateveritiscalled. Mind prob powers seems to have it's limits...

And the twist, enter Baal... er one of them. He kidnapped Adria right under SG1's nose. Score one for Baal!! I think this shows how the many Baal's are working toward the same goal as SG-1. Well minus wanting to dominate the Ori for themselves...

And obviously we have the mother/daughter relationship strain that is used to SG-1s advantage. Liked how we have the Vala talking to Vala to reassure her she isn't going crazy(er) or being tricked... and the distracted Vala is my favorite. She just says stupid things... but it's so HER when she says them, usually when she feels relaxed... or annoying someone. They kind of blend together sadly.

The rescue... and we are rescuing Adria alive again? She is turned into a Gou'ald by Baal... or a Baal clone. And of course she is taken by SG-1, once more, can't be killing her, must call the Tok'ra. Who are they again? Nice to see we can still call them... they haven't changed their number or something... and so they try to do the most logical thing, like ever. Take out the Gou'ald and turn her back into the all powerful Ori. Way to go, team!

And we have the surgery, the complications, the OPPS, we can't do this... she is too weak, yet let's put the anti-prior device on... which we know from Daniel, they can overcome, in time. But oh, she is weak (and she isn't jsut a desieving kind of person... noooooo.

And in the end, we have a dangerous Ori, who is ready to be put down, yet somehow summons enough strength to use her powers one last time... And do SG-1 not watch horror movies/their own reports? Don't separate!! Oh well. So Daniel get's gassed, Vala must face her daughter and kill or be killed and Sam saving the day. Oh wait, that's the normal jobs for these people. Yea.

And gee, dontchaknow, she is probably the only one of the Ori who can ascend, so why not use the last bit of energy and do it? Now the Ancients are totally FRACKED and I suppose can now not interfer with their own existence...

Over all, good show. Next: the SG-1 Unending show... hmmm makes me want to sing the unending song...
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