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Woes Me... Work!

AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *goes around banging head in virtual world*

I have to say that I am really not liking my job AT ALL these past few weeks. I feel like screaming at the intunum-publisher and the managing editor, "What am I, chopped liver?" over some of the stuff (as petty as it is...) that they are doing!!

The past 3wks I have been covering a pretty big trial here in Falls Co. I was up at the courthouse almost everyday, for about an hour here and there, taking notes and stuff. So every week I have a "trial update" on the front cover (above the fold, lead story infact) Weee!! Yet in that, I am also doing the community news, and updates, aka my work.

Last week it started off as small things. The publisher handed the Commissioners Court info to the Managing Editor. Ooookay.. so what, he is suddenly going to do that? *brush off* I asked, innocently if the agenda had arrived yet, since what, I'm not suppose to see the aggenda, for a meeting I am going to? I got it... but wouldn't it have been easier to let me have it in the first place? Whatev.

So next is my contact with the PD, he always brings me stuff, always with holes, but I try to do the best I can and track him back down and fill it in, or with someone elses help, patch it. I went to court. I came back to find the PR not on my desk. Oooookay... not in my inbox or moved.. but on my managing editors desk. Or well I think it was that he said he took it. I was annoyed. Already pissed, but now annoyed the crap out of. So I just nodded, and asked why? (curtly, but I am sure he did not notice) He said it had holes and he would do it. Look, we are so small we don't have beats, but we broke down what he does, and what I do, and it comes down to this:

Christine's Beats:
Police Department
School (especially during school year)
Court (records and trials, DA reports)
Jail Log
Community news/Calendar
Anything that comes in the office
Scanning/Retyping copy

Denton's Beats:
School Board
City Council
Big Stories (aka everything people think I can't handle)

Hmmmm.... I know it's a give and take, but I am coming up on my 1 yr anniversay in 15 days. I do my work, but lately I am more pissed at how I am being treated like a third wheel. The latest was two stories (I think community things) were just given to him. I am never handed anything like that.

I am trying so hard to get back to the place of excitement and joy of this job, but at the moment I feel like I could leave and no one would be the wiser. *headdesk*

Ok I know this is a frakin pity-party, table for one, post, but shit, does anyone have anything better to do? *silence*

My weapon: A man emailed me about a story Denton did on locals in the military, saying his son was a class mate of the guy we just featured. I figure I can write a better military story then he can. Dear God, this is not a competition, but shit, I feel like I am being stuffed into doing small things... and not as many features. I can't even concentrate on doing a weekly, or so, column!

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