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Unending Review.... that has an end

Well here we have it, the final review for the series finale. It still seems so hard to think, let alone write that. SG-1 has always been there, faithful over the years, telling us stories of heroes, of aliens, and of enemies. This is more then just another TV show to most of us fan; it’s something that brings us together. It tells us a story of the struggle in our own lives, even so we may not be going among the stars ourselves. It tells a story of friends, of the military, of the world we wish we lived in.

I recorded a “remembrance” tribute before I saw the finale episode. You can listen to it here when I find the URL… It goes over the growth of the characters a bit and what SG-1 means to me. Warning, I did tend to ramble a tad… but enjoyable nonetheless, I hope.

But on with the commentary, yes?

In some regards, this episode seemed unending. In other parts, I wanted to just explore more parts of it and never let it go, because if we let it go it would have to end. And then it would be kind of defeating the purpose of the episode name.

I will admit I cried on the phone to my Mom after I saw it on Friday. I watched Atlantis first, then SG-1, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter what order I would have seen it, I would have cried on the phone nonetheless.

I was glad to see the Asgard again, the PTB had kind of neglected to bring back some of our allies in the last 2 years or so, but suddenly in the last few eps we had the Jaffa, Tok’ra and Ba’al. We just needed the Nox, the Tollen, Furlings, and a few more allies to make the whole thing complete. It was nice to finally be inducted as the “Fifth Race.” It’s like a secret club of some sort. Ohhh Aahhh.

So the Odyssey gets these way cool upgrades (minus the ray gun Cam wanted) and the knowledge is all beamed aboard too… and why? Because now, after so long, the Asgard are dying (again, or is that still?) and can not reverse their evolution on the downward spiral. How depressing. But what really was depressing was when the Ori came, and the Asgard decide that is a good time for mass suicide, and blows up their planet. I did mention to Mom it would have been nice if they would have taken a few or all of the Ori ships with them.

So the Ori track them down, the Odyssey crew beams to the surface where they can take the Stargate back to Earth. Landry and SG-1 are left on board, to die the fate of heroes….

Until Sam switches on the time dilation field and suddenly they are not going to become crispy Ori induced charred humans. Gotta love Asgard technology and Sam’s grasp on such things! However… still a dilemma: even so they have effectively been phased out of time, or frozen time around them to progress at a slower rate then they are, as soon as Sam disengages the field, they will once more are facing to become crispy Ori induced charred humans. Hmm.

So of course we begin the 50 years of doom, as I like to think of it. Doom to be aboard a ship, on their own, with only 6 people to interact with. Doom because we haven’t seen a lot of interaction between these people. But wait! There could be hope! Perhaps these 6 people will do more then lament the fact that the Ori are outside their windows, and they are stuck indoors, and Sam isn’t really sure how to reverse things.

We see the march ahead as the years become longer, and more frequently passing. We see Christmas. We see team dinners. Team breakfasts. Team laughing. Team quiet. We see the passing of Landry - which is interesting to note that only Sam was there by his bedside at the end. Sure they all were crying, but only Sam was there by his bedside. It reminded me of her watching Jacob die in Threads.

Sam is working on her own to get something that works, and I am sure she wanted to knock the hologram Asgard’s block off for always saying “That function is not possible.” Cam is running around the ship and smashing his room like a rock star. He and Landry play chess when Landry is not attending to a garden. Cam and Teal’c spar to the point where Cam is almost as good, if not on the same level, as Teal’c. Daniel spends his time in the Asgard technology room. Vala spent her time… um… in bed it seemed. I so want to scrub my mind of the Daniel/Vala moments, but I will reserve my comments for a bit later.

I wish TPTB would have made a point to have shown the TEAM working TOGETHER on this problem. Yes, Sam is the one with the brains, but if she could have learned the cello – which was a beautiful transition piece btw – then surely she could have taught Cam or someone else some of the basics of Asgard intergraded ships 101, no? It seemed to me to only emphasis what SG-1 is NOT about (at least in the beginning) – individuals working individually under the collective name of SG-1. That alone made me cry.

Of course, in the end, like everything, Sam finally figures out how to not get them out of phase (because that wouldn’t have solved the problem) but rather to send the team back in time – where have we heard that plot line? – and erase that timeline… Oh but someone needs to stay behind to remind them of what the plan is. Person of obvious choice? Teal’c, naturally. That man was already over 100 when he came to us… so 50 more years on top of the 10 he has already spent, not a day worse for wear. Except that funky white streak in his hair. I wonder if he will have that in the movies?

The conclusion with them coming back to Earth and on solid ground, gearing up for another adventure was priceless. They all want to know what Teal’c knows, but they are respecting his silence on such things. I must say the sudden out bust of proverbs makes me think to the icon challenge that [Bad username: stargate_still] had issued. Indeed, the round was very fitting, since “Good things come to those who wait.”

CARTER: You know, as hard as it is for us not knowing, it must be torture for you not to tell us.
TEAL'C: (moved) Indeed.

Silence is indeed, golden, Teal’c.

And now, the rant, or the aspects of which I disagree with, in regards to the scenes known as “pukeville, party of two” aka Daniel and Vala shagging.

HONESTLY! What were the PTB on? Where did they get this Daniel who would tell Vala everything that is true about her behavior, and then, albeit moved by Vala’s sudden tears and emotions, kiss AND bonk Vala?! Daniel would be the one who would be sorry he said something harsh to someone, and made them cry, but really if he is ready to move on and try new relationships, where in that would he throw sanity out the window and make smashing love to the once thief?

Daniel is caring, yes. Daniel is compassionate, yes. Daniel deserves happiness, yes. But I would also expect Daniel, 3 months in on a very long stay aboard a ship with his TEAMMATES, to think before leaping into a shag! He seems so emotional – dare I say almost like he was a girl during that time of the month – vested into Vala and her tears, and her (perhaps real to her) love for him, that he practically eats his words and forgets that they are oppisite. “Oh we are teammates, nothing more, but here, since you are crying and obviously wanting more from me, I’ll give in, neglecting the fact you are MARRIED, and so therefore throwing any moral ground I may have out the airlock into the time dilation with Sam is working on, ON HER OWN, to hop into bed, and be your lover (breaks into bad 80s version of “Wanna Be My Lover”) for the next 50 years. LET’S MAKE BABIES!!!”

*pant pant* But like anything, that is MY OPINION. As a Sam/Daniel Shipper I was disappointed that Daniel didn’t at least access the Asgard Database, flip to page 968746412215641, and look up how they had built their technology, therefore helping Sam understand the history, and perhaps back engineer some kind of technology sooner then, oh say year 10 on the Odyssey. But I understand Daniel’s obsession in learning the database, I’m just sayin’, would have been nice and helpful. After all, in the end, he lost all that knowledge anyhow.

So… there ya go. Not how I would have ended the show… BUT I was glad (and was blubbering this to Mom) that they came full circle – the TEAM walking through the gate, ready to face another adventure… which seems to be left to us fans (and fanfic writers) to come to the concution that SG-1 and their stories and adventures really are “Unending”.
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