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Pimpage! (and two random updates)

Ok as I told dine7184 I would pimp the awesome icon challenge at ny_lyrical.

So, even if you do not do icons in the CSI fandom, or specifially in CSI:NY, please pass on to others who are... or if you like voting, cause it's fun and exciting, go to ny_lyrical, and VOTE! We are on our 5th challenge and we have had 3 challenges having to do tie-breakers. Now normally that is not bad, but we would like more people to vote AND participate!

So... ny_lyrical ny_lyrical ny_lyrical ny_lyrical!!!!

(in other news - I was strangely moved to write a HP fic. Ya. A Snape/OC fic. Don't ask. Blame it on the dreams *points to dreams after watching HP marathon and waiting for next movie*)

(In even more news - my SD ficathon fic is off to two peeps who will look it over. Beta or just say I did a good job, but perhaps a bit more angsty, or not enough... or what the hell am I reading?... I am eager to hear what they say... I was a back-up writer, cause no one should be left without some SD love!!)
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