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... I am seriously bored and tired. Bored because all the articles have been given to Denton, and all my little articles are being picked apart and I can't do much because else because people have already left town for the weekend. Ah gotta love small town life.

So, tired because I played house/dog/cat sitter last night. And will do it again tonight. And tomorrow night. All because my two friends are out of town. Tammy is in Maryland, visiting family for this week, while Angie had to leave to go to Stephenville, TX, yesterday because her Grandpa was given 24hrs to live. He passed this morning, and will be staying up there until Monday or Tuesday. So I am with the dogs.

Had an awesome conversation with my best friend from college - Jennifer. If you are reading this my friend, *tackle hugs* Congrats on the new job, and thanks for discussing "life, love and how it pertains to Christine" - Um... I asked him if he wanted to go to Waco with me - strickly none date, go to eat, buy a gift, come back to town, have someone to go with kind of thing - he said no, had plans.. ok, that's cool... then just now, I get a txt asking if I want to come to the movies with him and his friends (with like 5 others) sure... nothing else to do...

So here I am wondering.... did I just get asked out?

*crickts chirp - in the building*

*slaps own head* I'm sorry, i think it was the fact we get teased that made me ask that. And for reference, Emma, this is the guy I emailed you about (the one who I don't like back)...

Ok so not bored anymore. Thanks. Um... I think I will go and work on some fic or work now. Just chat amonst yoursleves....
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