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Snaggled from kellifer_fic

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making the same agreement on your blog.

I love doing packages!!! I have lots of friends over seas and enjoy just making ya'll smile... so hey may as well try to combine them. Interested? Drop me a line at autopsygirl99[at]yahoo[dot]com... and we shall see what comes of it!

In other news... Had a nice weekend home in Dallas. Went to a awesome wedding on Sat. It was short, sweet, and then had food. I left after seeing the bride (my friend) and just kinda crashed at the house, doing work. Yup. Never leave home with out some recording and transcribing to do. I go lie 20 min into the 2hr recording *headdesk* BUT I have some awesome quotes so far. Will have to continue transcribing tonight or something.

Before I left work on Friday, a lady called asking if I would be available at 6p.m. that night (like an hour after I plan on leaving town) I said, "no, but I will make sure I tell Denton, and see what we can do." Ok, I had already made plans to meet friends of the family at a pottry place to paint *weee!* and was already going to be running late.

"I asked Denton, telling him it would be an awesome feature, we really should try to get over there. Well his response was he really couldn't because his wife wanted to spend the evening together. Ok, I get that. I said, well you can always pop over there and tell them that you have plans, only have 25-30min, and then will contact later... write something and submit it... one of our standard lines.

He wasn't impressed.

And I really doubt he did go.

So maybe I should have scrubbed my plans and stayed the extra 1-2 hrs to do the interview, after all I am on the bottom of the wrung (and really feel like it).

OH- and when I was walking out I told Don that I would be emailing him my stories, from all the recordings I thought I would transcribe, and his reply? "Well I am not going to be here over the weekend." No shit sherlock? Wow, me either. Except, you see, I had already told Denton multiple times that day I would not have a story don from the recordings because I hadn't listened to them. And then when Don asks Denton if he has seen anything from me, he says, no. Not a complete lie, but still could have been a "she said she would get it to us over the weekend/by Monday."


And then I start thinking if I want to start this whole job search over and leave my friends and my life here ....

I'm going to be house/dog sitting again tonight. Isis was so close to becoming a stray cat again last night. She knocked down my dried flowers twice. Idiot. So had to clean that up, twice, kick her ass, twice, and still be on guard for a while until she fell asleep.

So all with cats - how do you prevent the cat getting you back for leaving behavior? It really is getting annoying. I wanted to spend the evening with her, but then I had to deliver a box to my friends because they found 2 more kittens. They so tiny, newborns. And compared to Aset, I can't belive she was ever that tiny when we first found her. Aset is so fuzzy and has big dark eyes at the moment. Took a pic of her with my phone, will post when I have it downloaded.

Ok.. So I don't think there is anything else. Just the start of another week.

OH - did go to the Apple Store and got me a new plug for my comp. *yeah!* now I don't have to gently set it into plugs and adjust it so it powers up. Plus I got it in the travelers kit - so now I have plugs for when I travel over seas... Yup, bringing my baby with me on my travels!!!
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