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Children of the Gods

Weeee!!!!! Season one, Episode one!!! *Stargate SQUEEE*

Oh Hammond! The never been used gate smell! Gazing O'Neill! It's like a warm hug from a good friend.

Now, I didn't come into the fandom via S1E1, rather somewhere around S7-ish... but it's still like an old friend. To see where my favorite characters started, it's just beautiful.

Right-o. The card game of death - and note, no one else has ever played a card game in the gate room since. The fluttering of the gate covering... ah the beauty. It's great to see the gate burst open for the first time, to see the faces and the looks of almost shear horror in the discovery that this "dormant thing" is not really silent. And of course everyone would think the creatures came from Abydos.

And so we have the future great heroes parade one by one - Teal'c as still the First Prime, Jack O'Niell as the grumpy retired Colonel, the rather feminist Samantha "don't address me as my salutation, address me as my rank" Sam Carter, and of course the favorite sneezing boy - Dan-yal Jackson. Each a bit rough around the edges.

"Captain-Doctor" Carter and Daniel break the harsh news - the gate can go anywhere. Now not bad for us... cause we all know we have many, many more way cool adventures to go on, but... think how scary it is to suddenly realize that the "aliens" didn't come from Abydos, and came from another place. And then, oh look, we have the "aliens" come and attack Abydos. Taking Daniel's wife, and he is now faced with the decision of leaving the only people who he actually found loved him. And he loved. To bury the gate, and he would come back in one year with Sha're. A heavy promise, and one Daniel is just stubborn enough to come through with it. You can see it early on.


Fastforward... finally we have some really nice 'gate science'. Or as Hammond so eloquently states the 'gate is "vast and dangerous and we are so far over our heads we can barely see daylight"... and we have the forming of the SG teams. Sweet music to the ears...

Of course we are off to the first mission! And quickly must witness Teal'c's discomfort at watching Sha're become a Gou'ald. But what luck! We meet some rather... interestingly clad people who are willing to take them to Chulak. Jack says it's nice this time of the year.

So why not... let's go see. And as we see our first contact with Teal'c is rather unpleasant circumstances, but hey, why not just make friends with the natives? Skaara is the never ending optimist when he tries to convince Jack that they can rescue Sha're and they can get out.

Once more, more choosing. Really all this choosing isn't going in anyones favor. This time it's to chose who will be the Children of the Gods. Sounds pleasant enough - some nice food, good education possibilities. Oh what you have to be implanted with some kind of snake in the head? Hmm... I shall pass. Thanks.

But of course Daniel's impromptu "something of the host must survive" is a point he latches on to and always clings to as he searches for Sha're and now Skaara.

Step in Deflector!Teal'c! He is now also faced with the decision of having no place to go - ah but Jack figures anyone who is deflecting is worth spending some homeless dude crash on his couch for a bit.

It's a good time to learn the differences between the Gou'ald, the Jaffa, and those worm things - infant Gou'ald's. How charming. And we see the transport rings, and a death glider... and the Gou'ald's now going to another place.


Hammond is now faced with the hard decision to seal off the gate ... or stay a moment longer. But just as anything in the Stargate Universe our heroes are dialing in, sending a signal just as they were going seal off the gate. Wow, what timing!

And trigger happy to boot!

We have the mad rush back to Earth... with Teal'c and a whole bunch of people in tow. Oh yes and Kawalski with a snake in his head.

It's beginning of a great adventure... with many interesting threads in the tapastry of SG-1's long run starting to show early on.

There is a reason why so many of us fell in love with this show - and why so many more will to come!
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