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Oh, sheesh, that was odd

Well if you venture over to my profile, I have updated it with my schools from when I went to school... It was a blast to find my elementary school in Stratford, CT, Eli Whitney, and then have to hunt down my middle school in Albuquerque, NM, since I only went for one year. Since I wasn't too sur eif Eisenhower Middle School was right, I clicked on the official school link, and there was that same enterence - and for kicks, I clicked on Map, and it was like I was 12 again and walking the halls as a newbie 6th grader in the middle of a strange world!! Nice to see somethings never change.

Oh and incase you look close (lol) at the schools and the dates... that gap, between 1993 and 1999, I DID go to school. I was homeschooled. Sadly I didn't see that as an option to pick from the "manage your schools" selection. Unless I over looed it... I really wasn't a total slacker... I don't know what happened.
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