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Enemies and Lovers - Prompts 22, 23

Title: It Wasn't Her
Pair: Sam Carter (in the form of RepliCarter mostly)/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 22. Enemies
Spoilers: Threads (S8)
Words: 117
Summery: RepliCarter tests Daniel.
A/N: This is very simular to my Illustrated fic, She Is Not Her


It wasn’t her, he reminded himself. He put his hand beside him and looked steadily in her eyes, cold and flat, even as the blood trickled down her forehead.

“You’d let me die?”

His hand balled up into a fist at his side, a piece of him becoming enraged at the very question. At her questioning. A machine asking me this, he thought, his mind racing. A machine that knows I’d never let her die.

“You’d really let me die?”

He didn’t miss the snarl and the cold laughter slipping from her lips as she asked the question again.

“You I’d let die. Sam Carter I’d never let die.”

And then she tortured Daniel Jackson some more.

Title: Secret Longing
Pair: Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 23. Lovers
Spoilers: None
Words: 270
Summery: Unsaid word for real longings... but will it happen?


To say it caught both Sam and Daniel off guard was an understatement. Most who knew the pair could say with certainty that they were brilliant, but seemed to lack the brains to realize that their friendship had been much deeper then mere friends ought to be. Especially since neither were seeing anyone else, nor each other.

Rumors flew around the SGC, and Daniel would blush and Sam would duck her head. Until one day Daniel had the courage to ask Sam if a small bit of rumor was true.

She wouldn’t mind if it did happen. She would rather take her friend as her lover then start anew and have to hide her life from them. She wanted no secrets. No lies. And if Daniel provided that, she’d be willing to take it.

Sam had looked away, trying to find a way out of the explanation. But when she looked into Daniel’s inquisitive eyes, the silent hope that it was true gave her the confidence to speak it.

Yes it was true. She, with a blush, had actually added that part, in hopes that Daniel would realize she did want the rumors to be true. She had turned and pulled off her jacket, letting Daniel ingest the revelation for a moment.

She had turned back toward him and to ask what he thought only to have her lips captured by the softest lips she ever kissed. He had pulled her to himself, closing the distance and cupping her face as the kisses rained down.

There was the unsaid agreement that they had taken their best friend as a lover.
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