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The Time Series; Sam/Daniel; 5 fics PG to PG-13

The Time Series
By Chris4Short
Characters: Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson
Prompts: 6. hours; 7. days; 8. weeks; 9. months; 10. years
Written for stargatefic100 community

Hours = H/C, PG
Days = Fluff, PG
Weeks = Angst/UST, PG-13
Months = After Heroes/Angst/H/C; PG
Years = Romance, PG-13

6. Hours

Sitting by the bed, and looking up at the clock, the minute hand seemed to almost tick backwards. Daniel sighed and rubbed his eyes. Time did not go backwards, and he had not been sitting there for eternity. He glanced at his watch and rubbed his blurry eyes once more; it had been in fact only a few hours.

He shifted and looked at the sleeping figure, bandaged and for now sleeping relatively peacefully. She had come out of surgery for the broken leg and broken ribs alright, Dr. Fraizer had assured him, and even Jack had came by to pat him on the back and tell him what he already knew: Sam Carter was a strong woman and a fighter. She would not let an avalanche bury her fight to live.

Daniel got up, cautiously taking his hand out of her grip and stretched, groaning slightly as his back muscles protested. He knew he was too young to feel so old. He glanced at Sam sleeping and bit his lower lip slightly as she wiggled her fingers as if trying to seek out his hand once more.

“You need some rest,” Janet said, coming beside Daniel. “You go and get some food, get that bandage of yours looked at, and I’ll sit with her.”

Daniel smiled slightly as the petite doctor gently forced him out of the infirmary. He looked over her shoulder and nodded. He knew he needed to be strong for Sam as she recovered from her injuries. He touched his own-bandaged head slightly; his wounds were secondary to those of his teammates.

He passed down the hall and glanced at the clock. He paused because once more time seemed to have whipped by him and he was amazed that it had only been six hours ago since they had found Sam lying at the bottom of the river, half buried under heavy rocks. An eternity passed in a heartbeat and Daniel hurried to the commissary to do what the doctor ordered. The sooner he did, the sooner he could be back beside Sam.

7. Days

Sam sat drumming her fingers against the butt of her P-90. It had been three days, fourteen hours, twenty-three minutes and a handful of seconds since they had been drop landed on P5X-8186, also known as Kansas-on-steroids. Nothing but grass, tall enough to drown in, was evident. No civilization, no roads, no… nothing. Sam walked to where she thought Daniel was; the grass almost blocked her view of him totally.



Sam paused and tried to figure out where he was. She took a few steps toward where she thought he was. She called again, and thanked General Hammond that this was not a mission Colonel O’Neill was on; otherwise he would be making it a game.

“What’s so funny?” Daniel asked, coming beside her.

“Just thinking if the Colonel was here he would be spending the days having a field day here. Um, no pun intended.”

Daniel looked at her for a moment and then grinned. “Yes he would. How about we take advantage of some of this free time?”

Sam turned to him with a playful twinkle in her eye. “A roll in the hay, Dr. Jackson?”

Daniel paused, as he was about to comment. He studied her for a moment, hoping she didn’t notice the slight pink rising in his cheeks, and then dropped all of his gear and touched her on the arm, running away while laughing, “Tag!”

Sam hurried to undo her own gear and then took after the other scientist, trying to navigate the tall grasses and find Daniel by the sound of his infectious laugh.

It took another day to back-track and find their gear, but they decided it was worth it, even so they made the report as official sounding as they could, mentioning only once the previous culture must have enjoyed playing in the grassy fields.

8. Weeks

They were in a cell. A really, wet, hot, muggy, cell. Long ago Cam and Teal’c had finished the “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” song, if Daniel had really any brains to even acknowledge it as a song, and were alternating between sitting quietly and throwing insults about “yo mamma” up at their captives. Cam had proven to be a great role model to Teal’c in this respect.

Daniel refused, utterly and flatly refused to look at Sam. Cam and Teal’c, although for other reasons and with different looks, were, however, conversation with her. Daniel talked to her, sure, but did not look at her.

Daniel checked his side of the small hut like cell. It had been a few weeks since they had been captured. A few weeks since he looked at Sam’s bright eyes and blonde hair, a few weeks since his eyes had absent mindedly, and in a so male dominated fantasy had slid down, down, down and had then snapped back to anywhere but her.

It wasn’t until eight weeks later when Sam had cornered him, had pleaded and almost threatened sever bodily injury he confessed why he couldn’t look at Sam in the cell, and why, even back at the SGC he found it hard to keep his mind and eyes and hands in check.

He swallowed hard and looked down at the bright, curious eyes. A moment’s lie and he could slip away without ever revealing himself. But the sudden flash of having Sam pushing him into a corner, his arms around her waist and her staring, waiting, anticipating, made him utter the truth.

“I wanted to take you in a manly fashion.”

9. Months – After Heroes

Sam wondered down the hall at 0323 and mounted the stairs to the isolation room of the infirmary. She just needed to … sit there. She tugged the door open and slid into one of the chairs, feeling the comfort.

She looked over the infirmary below her and bit back the tears. It had been nine months since her friend, doctor, confidant and real girl friend had died in the line of fire. Nine months in which Cassie would call her in the middle of the night a couple of days a week to talk about things she would normally would say to her mother. Nine months of silent tears.

She had her face buried in her hands, the burning tears that threatened to over take her, racking her body. She couldn’t help but see the beautiful smile and hear the kind, quick words of Janet that would always be as mending as her medicine.

A hand settled on her shoulder and she started for a moment; this was her time to grieve. She looked up and saw Daniel watching her with concerned eyes. Silently he slipped beside her and took her hands, holding them between his own. It was the understanding of loss that made him turn away and gaze over the infirmary where so many events had happened.

Together, in the deafening silence, they just sat there, letting the nine months of grief wash over their little spot they had claimed, for that moment, in the middle of the night, as their own.

Finally Daniel turned to look at Sam, and tugged her into a hug, letting himself absorb all the pain and letting Sam comfort him in return. He pulled back and their eyes met, relief and gratitude in each others eyes.

“Common,” Daniel said softly, tugging at Sam, as he opened the door to the hall. “The dead don’t live here any more.”

10. Years

“Oh common, you can’t be serious! In ten years you still want to be doing this?” Jack said, as he tilted his head and cast a questioning eye at the two scientists. “I mean, isn’t there something else you’d want to accomplish?”

Daniel and Sam gave each other a quick glance. “Well we hope to have made more advances by then. I mean, we are talking 10 years. Why would we want to give up this life? I mean for all we know we could end up as washed up, still being mocked, geeks.”

“Or just still geeks,” Jack said. Quickly waving his beer he added, “You two are brilliant. No one will say you are washed up.”

As the sun set across the fishless lake at Jack’s retreat, Sam handed Daniel a fresh cup of coffee. He muttered his thanks and watched as Sam sat down.

“You think we will ever be geeky?”

Sam shrugged. “We all go through a stage when we are geeks. I just hope our stage is a bit beyond 10 years.”

“Oh?” Daniel said.

“Well, that would mean we would be called geeks by a 10 year old. And really how can you calculate that?”

Daniel smiled in the moonlight and leaned close to Sam’s ear, brushing her arm. “Oh we can remedy that. Hell in ten years we can be half way though a hokey team.”

Sam blushed as she turned toward Daniel. “Why Dr. Jackson, are you proposing we go sneak off into the tall grass and …?”

Daniel nodded slightly. “Ten years is a long time to know I love you more then anything Dr. Carter. Ten more years and I can’t see why there would be anyone else.”

- -

Sam held the album tightly as she moved down the hallway, peaking into the two rooms of sleeping kids. She leaned against the wall and opened the album again, tracing her husband’s face, ten years younger, but just as handsome and lovely. She flipped a page and sighed once more, remembering the night she and Daniel had spent the night making their oldest son, Jacob Mel Jackson.
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