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To do List: September 12, 2007

* Try not to go insane (shit, may as well cross this off)
* Go to Marlin Elementary School take pictures of winning kids
* Set up meeting time to take pics of teachers @ MES
* Confrirm time with TX Pneumatic Tools in Reagan, TX about interview time
* Marlin Community Hospital and Clinic giving award; Tentitive time 11-12 (will call when ready) - THANK GOD they are taking the picture themselves!!
* New time for TX Pheumatic: 12:30 - eat lunch and interview - Go back tomorrow to take more pics/interview
* Go to Courthouse @ 2 to cover plea bargain of former (Mayor?)
* Clean up my section of office for visitor @ 2
* Clear out inbox from over night stuff/update Calendar Items - Even have most of the email stuff updated too!
* Upload pics from:
- Marlin ISD
- MCHC Award
- TX Pneumatic Tools
- Any from Court
* Find out what REALLY happed at our City Council (Denise - I was there for 2 hours before I began to starve and left, but shit, our council is a 3-ringed cirus. Ch 10, 25 ... us, and I am sure the Waco paper were there. It was BAD. They were going to have an executive session, but those being "reviewed" opted to have it as an open session so all of us citizens knew what they were being accused of. I believe they each still have their jobs... just really uncomfortable positions now. OI!)
* Let Tammy's dogs potty
* Make Aset's Vet appointment - 9/13 @ 8:30a
* Relax
* Leave at 5p.m. with some sanity left for tomorrow
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